Rolex is on top of the game when it comes to crafting luxury watches that stand the test of time and leave a legacy. It was born in 1905 out of the ambitious pursuit of German and British gentlemen, Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, respectively. 

This premier international brand, which manufactures more than 800,000 timepieces yearly, is now worth a whopping £7 billion. In fact, Forbes claims that the Swiss watchmaker landed in the 78th spot in the 2019 list of the world's most valuable brands. 

Whether you are an avid Rolex fan or collector, there are surprising things about this brand that will blow your mind. We've rounded them up below, so let's check them out. 


1. The brand has its roots in London, and not in Switzerland



Are you stunned? Well, yes. Most people think and believe that Rolex originated in Geneva. However, the truth is, it was established in London. Following World War 1, the company moved to Switzerland. That's because it was an ideal tax haven at the time compared to Britain, which was undergoing recovery.


2. The name is meaningless—it just sounds classy and extravagant



The founders of Rolex desired a moniker that sounded posh but could easily be pronounced and remembered, whatever language they spoke. David wanted it to have five letters and wrote down a number of combinations until he stumbled upon one that sounded apt and appealing. Interestingly, he coined the name ‘Rolex’ as he was riding through London's Cheapside on a bus.


3. Rolex created the first-ever waterproof wristwatch



One of the reasons why Rolex is the ultimate legend in the world of horology is because it was the first watch brand to ever create a fully waterproof wristwatch in 1926. And you know which watch that was? It's none other than the Rolex Oyster. Apart from being waterproof, it was also dust-proof and featured a crown lined with rubber and a screw-down caseback. Even until today, the term 'oyster' pertains to waterproofness amongst Rolex models, which include the iconic Daytona and Day-Date.


4. Rolex can literally bear the brunt of anything



Did you know that the watches of this Swiss luxury brand also survived the expedition of Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary up in Mt. Everest in 1953? Rolex was amongst the sponsors of the historic trip, and part of this entailed giving Hillary with a watch to wear during the ascent and then returning it back to the watchmaker for testing following their descent. 

Rolex also created a luxury watch called 'DeepSea'. It was attached to a vessel and brought to Mariana Trench by the US Navy. Even when subjected to extreme pressure during descent in the deepest spot above the Earth's crust, it still successfully maintained time.  


5. Every timepiece is meticulously handcrafted



Yes, the thousands of Rolex watches rolled out yearly are purely handmade. Every item is pressure-tested to guarantee they meet the highest standards for quality. Not to mention, each of them undergoes 30 days of testing to ensure accuracy and precision. In fact, some luxury watches for sale take as long as a year to reach retailers.

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