loose and coloured

With over 300,000 independently certified loose diamonds to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Loose Diamonds

We all know what they say about diamonds and best friends? Well, just like your real best friends, there are some factors to consider when choosing that perfect diamond. Our diamond selector allows you to select your diamond based on factors such as carat weight, colour, clarity, certification and price to ensure we meet your exact requirements.We have direct access to one of the largest diamond collections in the world, therefore we are confident we can find that perfect diamond for you.

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Coloured Diamonds

Coloured stones can elevate a standard ring or piece of jewellery to something truly unique. Our selection of available diamonds also includes a stunning choice of coloured diamonds which, either alone or alongside the more classic colourless diamonds, can help create a more unusual but equally impressive piece.

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