Our Story

Established in 2005

Time4Diamonds has rapidly grown from a small London based company to an international brand, with over twenty employees and thousands of brokers across 5 countries, including offices in England, Poland and the United Arab Emirates.

our story

We love watches and yes, we love diamonds. Some might say we're obsessed.

We are also very passionate about detail, so we take our time to select the very best Swiss Precision Watches created by the world's top brands to give you:

  • quality
  • distinction
  • bespoke designs

Since 2005, not only have we grown in knowledge, but we have challenged convention, dared to be different, however ensuring not to compromise on quality or service. At times we have allowed some trends to pass because we believe fashion is transient and style is forever.

Our Expertise


To encapsulate superior quality, uniqueness and exclusivity into all of our creations, we place great importance on the collaboration between the designers and artisans. The highest quality of each piece created in our workshops is of the most importance , and its beauty will endure forever.


As visionaries, pushing creative and technical boundaries in our search for lasting beauty and perfection.


We are always looking for diamonds and other precious gems which are full of fire and life when creating our unique pieces.

Sourcing Timepieces

Committed to help you source any luxury Swiss timepiece from most  of the worlds best known brands, Time 4 Diamonds has a designated buying division which ensures you are receiving the very best deal possible.  We work on also finding limited and rare production watches and can also advise you on potential investment pieces.

At Time 4 Diamonds we are passionate about offering a memorable shopping experience.  In order for us to provide you the very best experience, we encourage you to visit us and have a one to one with a watch and jewellery expert at one of our branches.  This will allow us to discuss your requirements and help us assist you in being able to create that unique timepiece or amazing piece of jewellery.  You do not need to be bound by designs currently or previously created by Time 4 Diamonds.

At Time 4 Diamonds our obsession is infectious. You’ve been warned…

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