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Rolex Day-Date 36

Rolex Day-Date 36

Rolex Day-Date 36


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Rolex Day-Date 36mm

The Rolex President is 36mm in size. Like its early editions, it is available in gold and platinum. And take note that it has no stainless steel. There are three 18ct gold model options to choose from: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold—also called Everose gold. Considered as a trademark Rolex formula, Everose gold gives a unique and amazing look that makes the wristwatch easily recognisable. Also, the watchmaker makes its own 950 platinum – a very fine quality choice.

Rolex Daydate 36 Bezel

The latest Rolex Day-Date 36 mm offers three different styles of bezels: fluted, domed, and diamond. These bezels, however, are based on the models chosen. The Rolex Day-date 36 white gold has only fluted bezel option; the platinum Day-Date 36 has domed or diamond bezels; the Everose gold Day-Date 36 has domed or fluted bezels; and all bezel types are available for the yellow gold Day-Date 36.

Rolex Daydate 36mm Bracelet

The gold Day-Date comes with a variety of bracelets both with metallic and leather-made straps. For metal bracelets, Rolex offers the infamous President bracelet that has a semi-circular three-piece link originally made for the 1956 Day-Date inauguration. This bracelet is a very limited edition, so better check the Rolex Day-Date price list now.

Rolex Daydate 36mm Straps

But wait, there’s more. If you want a more dashing and casual style, then the Oyster bracelet is suitable for you. The leather straps come with multi-coloured editions, which give the Day-Date 36 a different but fresh outlook. These vibrant leather straps aim to pay homage to the classic Stella dials from the 70’s.

Rolex Daydate 36mm Pricing in UK

The versatility of Rolex Day-Date 36 is something that makes it a must-have addition to your luxury watch collection. You can check Rolex Day-Date 36 for sale to get amazing deals. IRolex Day-Date 36 18ct Yellow Gold priced approximately £15,495. This timepiece is suited for all occasions and all sense of styles. We offer a genuine stock of wristwatches certified by our team of experts. Plus, we provide 0% interest rates to ensure your satisfaction. So, buy pre-owned Rolex Day Date 36 now!

Custom Rolex Daydate 36mm

A pre-owned Rolex Day-Date 36 is the watch for all seasons and all genders. It is not only unisexual but also a universal luxury watch. It adapts to your style and character. As the saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so as fashion is based on one’s own sense of style. This model type enables you to customise it according to your taste and style. It comes available in various colours and bespoke selections such as steel and yellow gold; rainbow bezel and dial; and yellow gold cognac dial, to name a few.