Rolex is not only known for creating the world’s most gorgeous watch designs since 1905, but also for delivering exceptional pieces of technology. Rolex timepieces are among some of the best in the world, and it is believed that to own such a treasure is a great privilege. A Rolex watch is a great way to spend some cash and show the world your discerning taste. They’re classic, eternally stylish and embody elegance.

But they just don’t just look good – they are manufactured for specific purposes and built for durability. When you buy a Rolex, you’re not just buying a commodity - you’re getting your hands on a piece of history, a piece of art, an heirloom, an investment and a functional unit all in one. Our future generations will also love them as much as you did after wearing such premium masterpieces. The high-net-worth individuals often buy such luxurious watches to maintain their status quo.

Let us have a glance at the five best Rolex Diamond watches to buy in 2021:


1. Custom Diamond Set Rolex Daytona 116509 White Gold Custom Blue Dial

Price: £39,995.00

Looking for the best Rolex diamond watch to buy for 2021? You’ve found it. Providing a 12-month warranty, this luxury Rolex watch is made up of 18ct white gold and there are glittering diamonds fitted on the lugs of the case. The watch also has a custom white gold set with baguette-cut diamonds, an attractive custom blue dial with Arabic or Indic numerals, an Oyster bracelet with fold-over clasp, sparkling sapphire glass, and an automatic self-winding movement. The white Gold dial gives altogether a royal look when worn with business formals or even at lavish parties. Buy this watch today and let your colleagues gaze at you at the business conference!


2. Custom Diamond Set Rolex GMT-Master II Black Dial Watch 116710LN

Price: £19,995.00

Ever seen a luxury watch list without mentioning the most titular and recognizable brand - Rolex - in it? Undoubtedly the most famous luxury watch brand of all time, the reputation credits go to their watchmaking skills and finely-tuned craftsmanship. This Rolex masterpiece looks super gorgeous with a black dial. The wristwatch has an Oyster bracelet, 40 mm case size, fold-over clasp, shimmery sapphire glass, and GMT function along with an automatic movement. It is a very rare Rolex watch with an attractive black dial and numerals. Impress your friends and colleagues today after wearing it to the gala party! Buy this watch with a 12-month warranty. As a Rolex watch to invest in we're not sure this will be the right watch to go for but it is certainly a stunner.


3. Custom Diamond Set Rolex Submariner 114060

Price: £18,995.00

Rolex timepieces not only meet but exceed your expectations of wearing a luxurious wristwatch. This Rolex Submariner is one of the best Rolex watches to buy or invest in in 2021. It exceeds the standards of divine watches being the first waterproof watch that can go 100 meters down unaffected. The accuracy and the functionality say a lot more about the quality of this masterpiece. This attractive wristwatch is made up of stainless steel with an eye-catchy black dial and has been customized by in-house professional experts. There are shimmery brilliant diamonds fitted around on the case and the bracelet in a round shape to give it a perfect royal look! This Rolex Submariner Set is indeed an iconic model for all the loyal customers of Rolex.


4. Custom Diamond Set Rolex Datejust 41 116300 Diamond Paved Dial

Price: £18,995.00

This specific model is considered one of the most polarizing Rolex models in recent times. The custom diamond set Rolex Datejust is highly loved by loyal collectors. The jaw-dropping combination of stainless steel, customized sparkling fitted diamonds on the case, shiny bracelet, and bezel of the watch make it a glamorous masterpiece. According to the reviews as well, this is one of the best Rolex watches or invest in or buy for 2021. The diamond-paved dial with Arabic-Indic numerals, sapphire glass, solid back-case, fold-over clasp, and power of automatic movement make it stand out from all the other watches as it gives a completely luxurious look when worn on the wrist. You won’t ever regret the decision of buying such a marvellous wristwatch.


5. Diamond Set Rolex Sky-Dweller Rose Gold White Dial 326935

Price: £49,995.00

If Rose Gold is more your style then Diamond Set Rolex Sky-Dweller Rose Gold Watch could be the best Rolex to buy in 2021. This model features 18ct everose gold with customized sparkling round brilliant diamonds on the case and bracelet of the watch. It also has a factory amazing white dial, an Oyster bracelet with fold-over clasp, transparent sapphire glass, solid case back and it's powered by an automatic self-winding movement calibre 9001 with dual time and annual calendar. This masterpiece is opulent, some may also say garish but, it is a definite conversation starter for those who want their wristwatch to draw attention. As a Rolex watch to invest in we're not sure this will be the right watch to go for but it is certainly a stunner.



  1. Why is Rolex so expensive?

Rolex wristwatches are incredibly expensive because of the extremely high-quality standards and limited supply in the market. The company uses only the best and supreme-quality materials after a lot of research and development for manufacturing these luxurious timepieces. They ensure that every watch is an out-of-the-box look in eyes of the collectors. Additionally, Rolex watches are amazingly popular all over the globe so they sell quickly once arrived in the market. People are well prepared to pay even the highest rates to get their dream model in their house.

  1. Can Rolex be worn every day?

Yes definitely. You can wear Rolex as many times as you wish. You don’t need to wind it if you do so. Rolex models are water-proof, so even if you wear them in your shower, swimming, or even wash your hands wearing them, nothing will happen. You just need to ensure that the crown is screwed down tightly once you reset the time or date.

  1. Which Rolex watch is the best to buy?

Well, the best Rolex to buy depends ideally on your personal taste ad preferences. However, if you are a new user, and want a less expensive one, then you should go for Oyster Perpetual. Loyal customers would nevertheless prefer Rolex Submariner. Because it is iconic, versatile, and incredibly stylish. This watch never goes out of demand and usually has a long waiting list.

  1. Can we invest in Rolex? Is it a good investment?

Rolex is undoubtedly an opulent wristwatch brand and the loyal collectors pay thousands of dollars to get their dream watch in their hands. So, investing in Rolex is a good decision. You can buy it for its increased resale value. However, it is difficult to mention which Rolex models have historically gone tremendously up with the prices over the years. Those shall be probably limited in supply but the demand still increases day by day.

  1. How much does the cheapest Rolex watch cost?

Out of all the Rolex watches available online or in the market, the Oyster Perpetual is the cheapest model. It can cost around £4000 or £5000.



Hope you have realized by now that Rolex watches remain in trend for years together and even till decades after their launch. The wide range of options available in the primary and secondary can some or the other way suit your style, taste, and budget. Rolex has everything in it to exceed your luxurious needs - be it, mechanics of complex timepieces or just a luxury watch to cherish for years to come. Rolex is much more than just a brand, the most iconic watchmaker has been in the first place in the watch industry for more than 100 years now and can go for more than 100 years and above as well. It is a brilliant decision to invest in Rolex because when you purchase, you are investing in a high-end, and premium quality watch that will gradually have its worth increased shortly for sure.

Time waits for no one. So, why are you waiting to buy your favourite watch? contact us today for more information on what to keep an eye out for in terms of provenance, quality, and value for money. Visit our website today or visit our headquarters in London and explore the legendary and iconic models. Much more than fashion flair and impeccable taste, such timepieces can enrich your overall look in crazy times and let you cherish and treasure every moment of your day in style. Don’t waste your time and embark on your opulent watch shopping journey with us today!