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At Time4Diamonds, we love luxury watches as much as you do. It is, therefore, our mission to provide our valued clients with timepieces that they can always be proud to wear no matter the season. We specialise in the watch repair of legendary Swiss masterpieces such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Richard Mille, and Franck Muller. Not to mention, we have unparalleled proficiency with other world-renowned brands such as Chanel and Cartier, to name a few.


Watch battery replacement and reseal

Prices start from £25.00

Our watch battery replacement and reseal service is one of a kind since we make use of the best materials to satisfy our clients’ demands. Here, we use high-quality batteries and reseal it effectively once done. We highly take pride in this service since it’s been one of the most recommended and reviewed.

Servicing quartz watches

Prices start from £150.00

Our servicing quartz watches is also one of the best. Here, we put the most delicate care in repairing a quartz watch. We make sure that it will be done neatly and without leaving any further damage on the timepiece.

Servicing mechanical watches

Prices start from £225.00

Mechanical watches are also one of our favorites to repair. With that, we developed our servicing mechanical watches that ensure high-quality and long-lasting improvements on every timepiece brought to our watch repair London shop.

Servicing mechanical chronograph watches

Prices start from £350.00

If you thought that we end up with mechanical watches, then you’re wrong. Our team also includes servicing mechanical chronograph watches as one of our offered services. So far, this is the most expensive service since the timepiece is also worth hundreds to thousands euro. Also, the parts needed and repaired requires delicate touches so only the best among our team is assigned to this work.

Refurbishment & polishing

Prices start from £90.00

Another service we offer is the refurbishment and polishing of luxury watches. This is the service wherein we make sure that your timepiece will look brand new. Here, we put the best efforts in bringing back the original shine and state of your timepiece so no one will ever doubt that it is already old.

Parts replacement

Lastly, we have the parts replacement service wherein we replace the parts in need of improvement. It can be the seal, strap, glass cover, and other else.

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