When it comes to new and custom Rolex watches, individual style is something that we significantly value. We understand how you want your Rolex Daytona or Submariner to look different from the same model that someone else is sporting. Thus, we offer a suite of professional bespoke services to reflect your character, personality, and taste into your timepiece.

If you’re curious about how we give luxury timepieces with a customised touch, then keep reading to find out more.

Gem Setting



Whichever metal or precious stone you desire for your watch case or jewellery, we can integrate it into your luxury watch with our gem setting service. These include stainless steel, platinum, titanium, and even gold. Another factor that sets us apart in the competition is our mastery in working with diamonds. We ourselves love variations; thus, you can take your pick from our 300,000 independently certified loose diamonds. Not to mention, we are also experts in integrating coloured stones such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies into your design. Explore our Rolex Daytona collection to get a glimpse of the final output.

custom Rolex diamond is another option to give an extraordinary look to your luxury watch. Even men integrate a few gems on their wrist piece. The gems may not be functional, but offer eternally chic. Rolex has its own jewelers and gemologist that helps to ensure the quality and authenticity of the diamonds they are using. A custom Rolex London specialist can help to make your dream a reality.


Custom Dials



Do you want to give your watch an X-factor? Whether you prefer it to have an artistic design, a unique look, a striking print style, or an attractive colour, our in-house team of experts can create it for you. We take pride in our prowess of adding set gemstones such as Mother of Pearl onto the dial. Hence, you can give your wristwatch a classy, feminine vibe. 

The original dials of Rolex come in Mother of Pearl, champagne, silver, white, black, and blue. But Rolex allows users to add a style that suits their individual personality.  That’s why one part of this luxury timepiece to customize is on the dial. You can either emboss an image, inscribe a message, or integrate striking color.

Changing the bezel and dial is the best way to get custom Rolex watchesMake sure that the custom Rolex dial and custom Rolex bezel will not decrease the resale value of the timepiece. Seek help from an expert watch technician who can give a makeover to the dial by integrating gems like diamonds.

Most Rolex watches have semiprecious stone or pieces of meteorite in the dials. You can send your choice to the manufacturer and let them send the bezel or dial to you. The manufacturer also offers customizing service. But keep in mind that by getting a custom made Rolexthe company will deem it a counterfeit.

Engrave a Rolex

Wearing a Rolex can make you standout, and the feeling of euphoria may escalate by customizing it. Etch at the case back of the watch is very common to some custom Rolex watches UK.  Engraving something essential to you, such as your anniversary date or the name of your loved one is the best bet. But the company does not recommend it unless you are a dignitary or a longtime employee.

The Bracelet

Rolex has a range of bracelets such as metal that can last for many years. You can find a contemporary design with all solid metal bracelets, making the timepiece more robust and heavier. The President, Jubilee, and Oyster are the metal trio. If you want a leather strap, choose the Cellini line that is ultra-dressy. Recently, the company introduced the Oysterflex having a rubber bracelet like the Yacht-Master and Daytona series.

The good thing about the leather strap is its versatility. You can transform it into a more formal look that can perfectly complement a business suit. If you have a Rolex with a leather strap, you can replace it with silicon or rubber bracelet to give a fresh aesthetic look. This brand of timepiece can beyond its professional range by substituting or customizing the bracelets.


PVD & DLC Coating



Do you want to transform your steel watch into matte black or metallic dark grey? We make that possible through our PVD and DLC coating techniques. The former stands for Physical Vapor Deposition and is the most requested process of our clients who demand blacked out timepieces. This entails vaporising a number of metals and binding them on a surface layered in a heated vacuum. Meanwhile, the latter stands for Diamond Like Carbon, which lends a watch with a metallic dark grey colour. This technique employs a form of carbon that when blasted onto the surface cools down rapidly, similar to how synthetic diamonds are created.

Got a vintage luxury watch in London? Our expertise also far encompasses making updates to your timepiece to ensure it looks up-to-date. Furthermore, we offer upgrades to your base watch to lend it a more upscale and expensive variation of the timepiece model. Yes, Time 4 Diamonds makes everything possible.


How to Turn Your Designs and Ideas into Reality



Designing a watch all starts with imagination and builds up until it becomes a concrete idea. If you have anything in mind, feel free to discuss them with our watch and jewellery experts who will then get them translated using Computed Aided Design (CAD) programmes. Once you approve the final design, our experienced jeweller will then begin production and hand finish it using your chosen gems and metals. 

Do you want your new or pre-owned Rolex to portray who you truly are? Speak to our experts today and let them know about your design and requirements! With decades of skill, experience, and knowledge when it comes to custom luxury watches and jewellery, you can count on us when it comes to your exquisite bespoke project.


Final Thoughts

They wear timepieces for different reasons. Regardless of the purpose of wearing it, style is the main factor. You can tweak according to your style. Thus, if you will look for a custom Rolex watchchoose the style that suits your personality. The best thing about Rolex watches is that they offer many possibilities of customization.

By the name itself, Rolex watches are special starting from the concept. The mind behind the invention of this wristwatch is brilliant at putting the company on top of the industry. It stood to its legacy not only being a reliable wristwatch, but elegant.

Rolex reigns in supremacy, that’s why many people invest a fortune to have one. But some are not satisfied with its original look, thus customizing the timepiece. If you are one of those looking for customization ideas, the information mentioned above would be of great help.  Let a watch technician or an authorized Rolex technician do the job to ensure all the original parts are intact. Keep in mind this watch is an investment that requires utmost care. It is not only for style but also boosts personality.