The best Rolex investment watches in 2023 include the Daytona, GMT Master, Submarine, and Explorer. Rolex watches are a good investment because they have low supply, high demand, and ununiform price increases. Before investing in a Rolex, consider the watch's future collectability, metal type, and condition. 


Rolex is the top watch brand in Switzerland, giving you status and power when wearing one of their models. It is the most sought-after watch brand because it also appreciates consistently.

Luxury watches like Rolex have continued to rise in value even during a recession.

In this article, you will learn why Rolex watches are suitable investments, and some of the Rolex watches to buy in 2023.

Let's dive in.


1. The Rolex Daytona


The Rolex Daytona is a product of a partnership with Daytona Road Beach Course in 1963, created for racing drivers with features to match.

Look at some of the features of the Rolex Daytona:

  • Strongly built
  • Waterproof
  • Resists G-forces that drivers experience
  • Measures speeds of up to 4,000 km per hour (seconds, minutes, and hours)

There are three distinct generations of the Daytona Rolex. The first had an exotic variant dial, the second had self-winding movement, and the third is the current generation.

Daytona is a very distinctive and trendy brand. Rolex sports watches do great in the pre-owned market, and the rarer the Rolex, the better the value.

Why invest in Rolex Daytona or other Rolex watches?

The first few months of 2022 saw a dramatic increase of 4.2% in Rolex prices before decreasing as the year ended.

However, Rolex watches have outperformed other assets in the market. They are likely to have a price hike in the future.

The graph below shows the price appreciation comparing gold, Rolex watches, real estate, and Dow Jones.


Source: Insider


Let's look at some Rolex Daytona Rolex models you can invest in:


I. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (Green Dial): John Mayer Edition


Image source: Time4Diamonds


The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a yellow-gold green dial piece selling below MSRP(Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) before co-signing with Mayer. After the seal of approval from John Mayer, the price went up nine months later to £37,000.

Rolex created the 18ct yellow-gold watch as a premium watch for race drivers. It has a tachymetric scale that reads an average speed over a specific distance. Watch collectors love this watch because of its sporty elegance and ultimate functionality.

Most people are also attracted to the Rolexs' green dial and the 18ct gold hour marker, making it irresistible. The watch also reserves power for at least three days when not worn.

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona "John Mayer" Green Dial, ref number 116508, is an excellent investment. The watch is worth £88,900 and was £43,142 in January 2010, making double the investment.

When investing in a Daytona, you must look at future collectability. Let’s see why:


Future collectability


A Rolex watch is the best timepiece for investment because of the supply and demand principle. Modern Rolexes are not limited since they are still in production.

When the Rolex company halts the production of a watch, that’s when supply becomes low. It's challenging to get some modern Rolex watches due to high demand or limited production, but they are still easier to get than discontinued models.

Due to the supply and demand factor, you can make a huge Rolex investment with a vintage watch. The key reasons that affect the value of Rolex watches include the following:

  • Low supply
  • High demand
  • Limited production
  • Important models for Rolex in history- For instance, Paul Newwamn was spotted wearing the Paul Newman Daytona, making it of great historical importance and popular among collectors.


II. Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel Ceramic Bezel


Image source: Time4Diamonds


A stainless-steel Rolex Daytona is hard to come by. It is a typical watch among celebrities and was named in honor of America's auto racing capitals. It symbolizes speed, luxury, and authentic performance.

A typical stainless-steel Rolex Daytona can sell for £13,864 and resells at more than £30,000 (white-dial version).

Why invest in this vintage watch?


Low supply, high demand


The swift increase in Rolex Watch prices is due to supply. The Rolex company makes approximately 800,000 watches every year. Due to popularity, the demand exceeds the collection of new luxury timepieces leading to a thriving secondary market.

There was an uptick in Rolex sales numbers in 2017 and 2020, with the average price of a Rolex watch going from £4,596 in 2011 to £11,951 in February 2022.

But before leaving a Rolex watch store, your watch's worth increases by twice or thrice the price you pay.

People wait up to two years before their name goes on the Rolex buying list.

Limited supply increased demand and caused Rolex to launch a certified pre-owned program that allows investors to buy certified pre-owned watches, and its goal is to add value to existing pre-owned watches.

The total value of pre-owned watches is expected to reach £26 billion to £29 billion by 2025, and Rolex does not plan to increase production in the coming years; supply shortages will increase as prices inflate.


2. The GMT Master and GMT Master II


Rolex GMT Master and Rolex GMT Master II are the best Rolex watches for investment. They are practical and hardwearing watches with the prestigious Rolex branding.

You can get a GMT Master at a few thousand pounds, but rarer models can go for tens or hundreds of thousands. A model with individual touches or custom engraving will fetch a higher price since they are rare.

Rolex has a history of creating watches to cater to the need of specific people. The GMT Master was created for navigators and pilots in partnership with Pan Am Airways and was launched in 1954 and distributed to crew members on long-haul flights to set their watch to new time zones.

The Rolex GMT Master II, launched in the 1980s, has an extra mechanical feature with an hour hand. However, crew members didn't need to adjust to new time zones using minutes and seconds.

The original GMT Master was created as a hardwearing work watch with pure stainless steel. Currently, the Rolex is available in gold, precious stones, and steel.

Let's look at the best GMT Master to invest in:


I. Rolex GMT-Master II 18ct White Gold Blue Dial 126719BLRO Watch


Image source: Time4Diamonds


The Rolex GMT Master II 18ct White Gold Dial is designed with white gold, a valuable and rare metal. It has white gold applied indexes on the blue dial.


View this Rolex GMT-Master II


The Rolex White Gold currently costs £39,995 compared to £34,500 in 2020. Some of its unique features include:

  • Bi-directional rotating white-gold bezel
  • An accurate automatic self-winding 3285 movement
  • The blue and red Cerachrom bezel insert adds to the watch's aesthetic
  • Indexes applied in white gold
  • Superlative chronometer showing that the watch was tested and approved by Rolex

Before investing, ensure to look at the condition of your GMT Master II. Why?


A bad condition of a Rolex can reduce its value


As time goes by, Rolex watches break and wear out. As such, people tend to change parts and polish the case during repair, affecting the watch's value.

Collectors look for Rolex watches in the same condition as they were originally, with no parts exchanged.

Original Rolex watches in good condition are hard to come by. If you want to invest in vintage Rolex watches, look for one with all the original parts.

Wholly authentic Rolex watches and Rolex watches with exchange parts significantly differ in secondhand market value. Non-original functions destroy both the vintage feel and the look of the watch.


II. Rolex GMT-Master II 18ct Yellow Gold Green Dial 116718LN


Image source: Time4Diamonds


The Rolex GMT Master II 18ct Yellow Gold Green Dial is selling at £52,995.00, two times more than the price in 2019 (£24,000). It is a highly sought-after watch whose value has increased since its inception.


View this Rolex GMT-Master II


The 18ct Yellow Gold Green dial watch is stunning for casual or formal occasions.

Why invest in these Rolex watches?

  • Green dial makes it a unique Rolex GMT Master II watch and an attractive piece
  • Luxurious 18ct yellow gold that adds longevity, making it pricier
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass suitable for everyday wear
  • Due to the glass's anti-reflective properties, the Rolex Watch is easy-to-read in all lighting conditions
  • Automatic self-winding movement powered by a person's body movement adds to the accuracy
  • Green applied indexes and hand filled with a durable blue luminescent called Chromalight

The GMT Master is a sports watch.

Check out below why sports watches are excellent options for investments.


Sports watches have the best value increase


Professional sport watches are historically significant luxury timepieces making them very popular and great for investment because they have seen the best value increase over time.

The most commonly sought-after Rolex watches include Rolex Daytona, GMT-Master(II), Submariner, and Sea-Dweller.


The Yacht-Master is also a very popular sports watch, but not like the Submariner.


The Sky-Dweller is a 'modern' Rolex compared to the others listed above and is not a demand vintage watch compared to the other vintage Rolex sports watches.


Luckily, modern Rolex sports watches that have been recently discontinued or are still in production are also great Rolex investment watches. The sports model listed above is the best bet for Rolex watches regarding investment, with the highest probability of increasing value.


3. Rolex Submariner


Rolex launched the Submariner in 1954. The marketing point for this watch was that it could withstand decompression and compression from a dive and was a popular choice for amateur and recreational divers.

The earlier models differed from the Sea Dweller, but they could reach depths of 200m by 1957.

Production of Submariners started over 50 years ago, meaning there are different references and iterations. Modern Rolex watches have the same model name, but the Submariner reference numbers are many with significant differences.

The demand for reference numbers depends on different factors. For instance, Vintage Rolex Submariner watches with limited production numbers increase in value over time. It is common to find a Rolex Submariner watch selling for several hundred thousand dollars.


I. Rolex Submariner Date Hulk 2018 Green Dial 116610LV


Image source: Time4Diamonds


The 2018 Rolex Submariner now costs £19,750, compared to its March 2018 cost of £8,384, showing that it’s a great Rolex investment watch.


Source: Time4Diamonds

Here are some of the features:

  • Automatic movement
  • Steel case material for longevity and the case diameter is 40mm
  • Power reserve of 48 hours when worn
  • Green ceramic bezel material that adds to the aesthetic
  • Sapphire crystals
  • Steel bracelet strap with a clasp fold. The clasp material is also steel
  • Green dial with no dial numbers

The Rolex Submariner has a steel metal case. Look at why steel is a better investment option for watches:


Steel has a high market value


Rolex watches made from steel have the highest market value increase over time. Some argue that even if the demand for the watch disappears, you still have the precious value of the metal. But that's not a factor that the market sees currently.


II. Rolex Submariner Date 40mm Black Dial Ref: 116610LN


Image source: Time4Diamonds


The Rolex Submariner Date 40mm Black Dial Ref: 116610LN has steadily increased in value since 2011. It cost around £4,843 in March 2011, and now it goes for £11,500 with more than 50% profit for people who invested.

In July 2021, the Rolex Submariner cost £9,977, which also shows that it has had a 10% value increase within two years.


The Rolex Submariner is an iconic and classic timepiece that suits any attire or lifestyle.

Look at some of its features:

  • 40MM stainless steel case
  • Stainless Steel Black Unidirectional Rotatable Cerachrom Bezel
  • Black Dial With Luminescent Steel Hands
  • Dot Hour Markers And Baton Markers At 6 & 9 O'clock
  • A Date Window At 3 O'clock
  • Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Crystal
  • A Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet - 8 Inches
  • Water-resistant

It is also essential to look at the accessories that come with a Rolex Submariner or any other watch.


A Rolex with original accessories has the best value


When you buy a Rolex watch, it comes with the following items:

  • A box
  • Certificate
  • User manual
  • Hang tag
  • Cardholder

Finding a watch with all the original accessories is more complicated than getting vintage Rolex watches with all the original parts. Accessories tend to disappear over time, making the supply very low.


Image source: Time4Diamonds


A completely original Rolex watch with all the accessories is the best investment since it's tough to find, making its value very high. The more accessories, the better, especially for watches with limited production.

Accessories and original parts can increase a watch's worth by 30%, depending on the model.


4. Rolex Explorer


Roles Explorer was designed for adventures and people working in challenging environments. Rolex Explorer I and II are durable watches with luminous hands and numbers for night viewing.

In 1953, mountaineering and explorations became famous, prompting the creation of the Rolex Explorer, designed to be legible in pitch-black environments.

Prices for used models can start at approximately £3,000 and have a high chance of appreciating over time. As such, it is an excellent Rolex investment watch for under £10,000.


I. Rolex Explorer II Ref. 16570


Image source: A Blog To Watch

Image source: A Blog to Watch


Five years ago, the Rolex Explorer II, ref. 16570, cost £3,926, and now it goes for £8,650, which is more than 50% profit.

The Rolex watch can cost between £5,700 and £6,500 without a box and papers, and the complete set can cost £7,000 to £9,600, depending on how it looks.

This Rolex is an updated model in terms of technology and comes with caliber 3186, produced in the 1970s.

The watch has a black dial or white polar dial. Rolex keeps changing the outlines around the hour markers over the years to create a contrasting white background.

Let's look at some of its features

  • Steel bezel material
  • 40 mm Steel case material
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Black dial
  • Steel bracelet
  • Steel fold clasp
  • Luminous hands and indices
  • Central sounds and screw-down crown


II. Rolex Explorer II Oyster Perpetual Date Explorer II 42mm


Image source: Rolex©


The Rolex Explorer II Oyster Perpetual Date is an adventure watch that cost £7,645 in May 2020 and is now going for £11,947. In three years, it has had 20% profit proving to be an excellent investment.


Source: Time4Diamonds

Here are some of its features:

  • Arrow-shaped 24-hour display hand and a graduated fixed bezel, allowing you to distinguish daytime from nighttime hours or to read the time in two time zones simultaneously
  • 42mm case, waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet)
  • Chromalight hour markers and hands filled with a luminescent material emitting a long-lasting blue glow
  • Winding crown protected by a crown guard that is an integral part of the middle case
  • Sapphire crystal, with a Cyclops lens, is virtually scratchproof.
  • Self-winding mechanical movement cal. 3187 entirely manufactured by Rolex
  • Oyster bracelet with an Oysterlock safety clasp and the Easylink comfort extension link.
  • Green seal, which is a symbol of its status as a Superlative Chronometer.

Why invest in this watch?


Ununiform price increase


A case study on why you need to invest in a Rolex shows that on January 1, 2022, Rolex watches had a 3.4 mean price increase. Some had a marginal price increase, while others had more significant growth.

For example, the Oyster Perpetual had a price increase of 4.2% from £4,470 in 2021 to £4,660 in January 2022. On the other hand, the Submarine's price had a 10.5% price increase going from £6,136 at the end of 2021 to £6,780 in 2022.


5. Rolex Sea-Dweller


The Rolex Sea-Dweller was one of the first watches created for divers and available for civilians. Over the years, the Rolex watches benefited from enhancements, making them one of the best ones to buy.

One unique feature is the helium escape valve invented by US Navy diver Robert A. Barth. The feature adds to the watch’s charm and functionality. It allows molecules to escape gradually during decompression preventing the watch’s crystal from breaking.

Rolex Sea Dwellers are also sport watches making them a good investment choice.

Here are some Sea-Dweller models in which you can invest:


I. Rolex Sea-Dweller Rail Dial 1665


Image source:


The Rolex Sea-Dweller Rail Dial 1665 is a 1978 watch valued at £20,780. In April 2017, the watch went for £14,706, showing a steady increase in value in six years, making it a good investment choice.

Look at some of the features of this watch:

  • Matte back Tritium Dial
  • Lumes are light cream with matching color bands
  • Oyster Bracelet, 585 end links and clasp code J4 (double fold clasp)
  • Automatic caliber movement
  • Steel case and bracelet


II. Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea Ref. 116660


Image source: Tim4Diamonds


The Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea Ref 116660 is a 2009 model that costs £12,300. On the year of production, the price was £5,427, showing a 50% markup profit for someone who invested in 2009.

Here are some of its features:

  • Automatic caliber movement
  • Steel case and bracelet material
  • 44mm case diameter
  • Black dial
  • Fold steel clasp

One of the profitable Rolex investments is reselling luxury watches due to high market demand. It can give you up to 50% profit markup depending on how long you wait for the watch to appreciate over time.

If you are ready to start investing in high-resale Rolex watches, find the best deals in our collection of preowned Rolex watches.