t's no secret that a Rainbow Rolex is one of the most sought-after luxury watches right now. Just a few months ago at Baselworld 2018, unveiled a new version of the Daytona Rainbow, this time in Everose gold to the delight of many. This is the third version of the bejeweled Daytona with a rainbow pattern of precious gems on the bezel that joins similar yellow gold and white gold models.


Spotted on the wrists of celebrities like John Mayer, Ederson Moraes, Travis Scott, and Mark Wahlberg, a Rolex Daytona with a colorful gem-set bezel adds some serious fire to your wrist.


If you want to get one of these beauties into your collection, you have a couple of options. You can put your name down at a Rolex boutique and wait years to get your hands on one. Alternatively, you can purchase a used one (if you can find one). Or, the best option is to build your custom Rainbow Rolex right here at Time4Diamonds to ensure you get the exactly the timepiece you want.


Your Bespoke Rainbow Rolex Made Just For You


While Rolex presently only has an Everose gold Daytona or an Everose gold Yacht-Master 40 with a rainbow bezel in their current lineup, the choices at Time4Diamonds is much wider than that!


Take your pick and build you own Custom Rolex Daytona watch Take your pick and build you own custom Rolex Daytona watch[/caption]


Since we specialize in setting any Rolex watch with precious gems, the options of building your own Rainbow Rolex are endless. For instance, you can opt for a yellow gold Daytona Rainbow, a white gold Daytona Rainbow, or an Everose gold Daytona Rainbow. Or how about a platinum or stainless steel Daytona with a vibrant bezel set with precious gems?  However, if you prefer to go for a non-chronograph Rainbow Rolex, then we have plenty of other options too.


There’s the sporty 40mm GMT-Master II that works great as a canvas to add diamonds and colorful precious gems. Of course, diamonds and gems are not just limited to the bezel—there’s also the dial, case, and bracelet that take well to embellishing.


Custom Rainbow Rolex Yacht-Master by Time4Diamonds Everose Gold Yacht-Master 40 with a Custom Multi-Colored Gem-Set Bezel[/caption]


If you love the new Rolex Oysterflex rubber strap, then the rose gold Yacht-Master with a custom rainbow gem-set bezel may be just what you’re looking for. Otherwise, if you prefer a more classic silhouette, we can also set a rainbow bezel into a Datejust II, along with a dash of diamonds on other parts of the watch.


You Dream It, Time4Diamonds Will Make it


We do carry a stock of ready-made Rainbow Rolex watches. However, if you prefer to build one according to your exact requirements, we are more than happy to work on your bespoke project with you.


Everose Rolex Daytona with a custom bezel set with gems in rainbow hues and a custom black dial with sapphires, rubies and emeralds as hour markers. Everose Rolex Daytona custom gem-set bezel and dial using sapphires, rubies, and emeralds[/caption]


Whether you already have a Rolex watch that you would like to upgrade with diamonds or precious gems, or would like to start with a new timepiece and go from there, we can work with both.


Our team of master jewelers and watch specialist will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that the final creation is exactly the one you had in mind. Simply let us know what type of Rainbow Rolex you want and we’ll take care of the rest.


You can even add a leather strap to your custom Rainbow Rolex You can even add a leather strap to your custom Rainbow Rolex[/caption]


Either drop by our showroom conveniently located in central London or get in touch with us, and we’ll get back to you promptly about your project. Your tailor-made Rainbow Rolex is just over the horizon.