Luxury timepiece collectors have varying tastes. Some prefer Patek Philippe. Others are fond of Audemars Piguet. However, Rolex is undoubtedly on top of everyone's list, as this brand is a legend. And that is proven by its iconic creations. We've rounded up below some of the reasons as to why this Swiss watchmaker is well-loved by men collectors worldwide.  

1. They are created on purpose



Rolex is touted as the genuine 'tool watch'. Most of the brand's classic models were crafted for certain, functional purposes and not just for decoration or jewellery. 

For instance, the famous GMT-Master was crafted at Pan-Am's request for its pilots who were experiencing jet-lag. They demanded something that could show time for two time zones at once. Similarly, the Submariner was created exclusively for divers. 

Meanwhile, the Milgauss was launched in the 1950s for individuals who worked in highly electro-magnetic settings such as nuclear research labs. It is an anti-magnetic timepiece that could withstand 1000 gauss, which measures magnetism. Hence, the name Milgauss. 

2. Impressive attention to details



Rolex collectors are also obsessed with the variety of bezels, dials, and crown guards. That's because these add so much to the collectability and value of a timepiece. Nuances such as an exclamation dial or an underline dial can massively increase a watch's value.

3. The value keeps increasing  



Vintage models come with strong intrinsic value, and it keeps on increasing for those in good condition. The Daytona, Explorer, and Submariner are amongst the models that continue to grow in value at a faster and steadier rate than other existing classic timepieces. Generally, the dressier models don't obtain value as quickly, but there are certain exceptions. One of these is the stainless steel Day-Date, which is valued in hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

4. Accessorising is easy 



Another great thing about Rolex creations is that they are ultra-versatile. And this is one of the things that set it apart in the competition. Changing the look and feel of any model is as quick and simple as adding a nylon NATO strap or an Italian leather strap. What's more, you can change the dial, bezel, or even integrate your favourite precious stones. Yes, bespoke Rolex watches are a trend today! Here at Time4Diamonds, we offer an array of bespoke Rolex selections in stock. Explore them all here

With a century-long legacy, Rolex has become the most celebrated brand in luxury watchmaking worldwide. Its creations have captured the hearts of men who value sophistication, functionality, value, and style. Whether you are searching for a wearable investment or something to add to your upscale timepiece collection, you can never go wrong with Rolex. 

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