If there's one thing commendable about Rolex, that is none other than their creativity and imagination. These are evident in every luxury watch that comes off their production line. At the Baselword 2018, the Swiss watchmaker did it again—surprised us and the fans with the Rolex GMT Master II 126710BLRO. Are you one of those dreaming of sporting it on your wrist? Well, read on as we give you all the facts here at Time 4 Diamonds. 

Since the first-ever Rolex GMT-Master model was released, the red and blue bezel has always been its signature. It was nicknamed 'Pepsi' for an obvious reason—the colours of its bezel are similar to the soda brand's logo. Now, let's get into the details.


The Iconic Design 

New and used Rolex GMT-Master models were originally designed to help with the navigation of pilots. However, their rugged and dapper appearance, as well as incredible functionality, have also drawn gentlemen from other fields and industries. The 126710BLRO features multiple time zone displays, making it appealing for globe-trotters.

Now, let's talk about the colour again. This model is almost in purple shade compared to the jeans-blue GMT-Master 1675 unveiled in the 70s. Don't have any other timepieces to compare the shade to? That's not a big deal. According to Rolex, it was indeed challenging to come up with the same colour combo. 

If you are searching for the similarity, then take a look at the ceramic inlay. In the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO, the ceramic inlay looks like that of the white gold version. Nevertheless, certain enhancements have been added, specifically regarding the lugs. The watch also sports a Jubilee 69200 bracelet, which looks purely sophisticated.  


Customization with Diamonds

Another talk-abouts regarding the Rolex GMT Master II is its customization with diamonds. This is considered as a crucial process that requires expertise of the artisans not only in designing, but also in incorporating the precious stones into the timepiece. After all, diamonds are one of a kind. A Custom Rolex GMT Master II can make you feel and look more luxurious than before. 


Pricing and Availability 


For the price, the Rolex GMT Master 2 is way more affordable than other brands. Despite that, it still guarantees quality and luxury to meet the demands of the customers. This timepiece has a minimum amount of 25,000 GBP yet still depends on the branch near you. The Rolex GMT Master price in UK is different from London and other countries. Don’t worry since there is a Rolex GMT Master sale UK and London to ease your financial burden. 

For the availability, you need not to worry since there is enough supply. Models of timepiece for both men and women were analyzed and planned well before handing each to the customers. Also, there is Rolex GMT Master Finance to help you clarify your mind when purchasing the product. 


Pre Owned Rolex GMT Master II

 If you are currently out of money to purchase the product, you can try the second hand Rolex GMT Master II. This is the pre owned or used product and then sold again. If you are thinking that it is cheap, well yes! Second hand timepiece like the Rolex GMT Master is not an ordinary one. Besides, a strict and thorough restoration was done before handing it down to the potential purchasers. 


Let's Dive into the Specs


When it comes to luxury watches for sale, the functionality comes first while the design comes second. Rolex understands this to the core. Therefore, they imbued the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO with a couple of mind-blowing features. Its large barrel is responsible for its 70-hour power reserve. Plus, the watch comes with Chronergy escapement and Paraflex shock absorbers. 

The Swiss brand had the idea of upsurging the power reserve for at least three days. And you know what's amazing? It operates within the -2 and +2 seconds on a daily basis at the same time. This is within the allowable chronometer specifications.

Okay, so let's move on to the time display, which is available both in the previous and the current model. Like before, Rolex came up with a 24-hour hand working alongside a 12-hour hand. The long red hand could not be independently set. However, the rotating bezel, which is split into two halves (12-hour each) aided in displaying Greenwich Mean Time. This is designed for airline pilots, as they usually monitor the second-time zone based on GMT.


Latest Generation of Timepieces

Upon the launch of a new generation of GMT-Master II back in 2007, Rolex did away from previous references. Well, that's because of a novel and durable design with a ceramic bezel. Today, the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO for sale lives on with this trend. It is now a contemporary model which does not have much resemblance to other timepieces. 

Rolex designed it with beauty and class in mind. In spite of that, it makes a notable drift from its predecessors. Whether it is the bracelet, the bezel, the dial, or the clasp, this new watch model is giving us subtle hints that it is taking a new path with how it engineers its creations.  

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