The decision to sell a Rolex is never an easy one. If you're anything like us, it not only becomes a staple of your wardrobe, but almost a member of the family.

However, if you decide to take the plunge and part ways, selling your Rolex is an excellent way to make some fast money, or even get a new model to add to your collection.

As a watch seller trying to sell for the first time, questions would have gone through your mind, with the biggest being “How can I market Rolex watches in the UK?". Well, look no further because here at Time 4 Diamonds, we're experts in luxury watches. As a reliable luxury watch buyer, we make it quick and easy for sellers of Rolex watches to sell theirs safely.

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If you're still unsure, look no further. Here is our guide to give you more knowledge on how to sell your Rolex watches in the UK with confidence, in 4 easy steps.

STEP 1: Consider these factors

STEP 2: Gather information about your Rolex

STEP 3: Get a price quote

STEP 4: Sell your Rolex.




Once you are clear about the model and age of your Rolex you wish to sell, you have to consider a wide range of aspects to be taken into account:


You must be as truthful, objective and specific as possible regarding the condition of your watch. Given that it is a second-hand luxury watch, it is vitally important to refer to any type of visual defect that the watch may present, such as knocks, scratches or any other defect that affects the watch as a whole.


Charging movement

A fundamental aspect since we can find them in quartz, manual or automatic. Although it is not always a determining factor as far as machinery is concerned, the quartz movement will almost always be of less value than both manual and automatic. In general, the most highly prized will always be those with automatic loading functions.


Materials and finishes

This aspect, together with the two previous ones, is the most decisive when it comes to putting a price on your watch. The materials play an essential role in their finishes, since a gold finish will not have the same value as a steel finish, or for example if it includes diamonds. We should not forget those specific models are worth more for their gold weight than for the watch itself.


Bracelet or strap

The bracelet's primary material and condition also has a lot to do your selling price. In the case of leather bracelets, they are more worn than steel or gold bracelets. The watch can often have a higher quotation if we change the strap yet keep the original buckle.


The glass of the dial

The vast majority of luxury watches have a sapphire crystal, although we can also find other materials that can be decisive when setting a price. The most important thing is that the glass is in good condition or does not have any significant scratches that make it difficult to see the time.


How it works

It seems obvious, but watches that do not work are also sold to be restored or to remove certain parts for other models. It is clear that if the watch does not work, its price falls sharply in most cases. Therefore, it is advisable to check the watch's correct functioning and all its complementary functions before starting the sale to determine whether any faults may affect its valuation. Depending on the watch or model, it may be advisable to have it serviced by a specialised watchmaker to ensure it is in good health.


Box Papers & accessories

Original case, manuals, instructions, manufacturer's documentation or guarantee certificate are all factors that play an essential role in increasing the value of the luxury watch. We advise that if you buy a new watch, never throw it away if you want to sell it.




Selling a second-hand or used luxury watch can be incredibly lucrative. As the price of a second-hand watch is always determined by supply and demand, we can find two similar watches of different brands that are incredibly varied in price. On the other hand, some models have a higher degree of price variety, as we begin to take into account collector's watches, which can cause prices to shoot up.

Before selling a second-hand watch, it is advisable to study the market prices, get an idea, and have a more accurate view. Once you have determined the model and estimate the price, you must pay special attention to the following fundamental aspects when selling a second-hand luxury watch.


1. Authenticity

2. Source

3. Operation


Authenticity is the main aspect to consider because if you are not sure that the watch is authentic, you should not sell it at any time. It should be noted that nowadays there is an infinite number of counterfeit watches, most of which are easily identifiable at first sight, as they do not fulfill all the functions of the watch or model. On the other hand, some very elaborate forgeries include even the smallest detail for these reasons. We recommend that you  ask a professional to help you determine their authenticity in case of doubt.

A second vital aspect is the watch's source – or origin – as it could be a stolen or illegally acquired watch. If you decide to sell a watch from a professional who issues an invoice, we can avoid this problem, as the professional is obliged to carry out a police check on all watches bought. However, if you decide to sell to a private individual, you must be particularly careful, especially if it is an unknown person. To avoid possible problems, it is advisable to draw up a sales document that includes at least the following information;


1. Personal details of both parties (ID number, name and surname)

2. A detailed description of the watch, in addition to the model and reference number.

3. The Sales price

4. Date and place of Sales

5. Signature of both parties.


Selling with us at Time 4 Diamonds removes all issues surrounding this. To find out more, visit our sellers portal now and get in touch.

Another important aspect is the operation of the watch, or how it works. You must always check the state of conservation of the watch and its correct functioning. You can look at some important details when assessing its condition:


1. The state of running

2. The needles

3. The crown

4. The buttons


The watch's general condition will always be a determining factor in the final price, i.e. any scratches or damage to the glass, case or bracelet. This fact must be taken into account when assessing where to sell your Rolex and the watch's final price.




Be sure to check online to see the approximate price of the watch you want to sell. Remember that users increasingly search before buying, so you should adjust your price as much as possible to be competitive in the second-hand market. To circumvent this and streamline the selling process, you can leave it to us for a professional valuation. We'll take care of everything.

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Many years ago, when technology was less pervasive as it is today, it was more complicated to sell a luxury watch if you did not know where to go, did not know people from the UK or did not visit a specialised shop.

However, with the internet, everything has becomes more comfortable, and there are platforms such as ours where you can advertise your watch with zero drama.

With Time 4 Diamonds, selling your watch is made fast, easy and painless. You're just a simple 1-minute form away from getting a professional and informed valuation on your Rolex. With the photos you attach alongside the watch's details, one of our horologists reviews your Rolex thoroughly and offers you a firm purchase price, which can be accepted through bank transfers.

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