When looking for a luxury ladies watch, there is no better place to start than Rolex.

Their watches are built on the highest of high standards, and constructed from the most premium materials the world has to offer. Well known for their durability, the feminine iterations of Rolex watches are celebrated globally for their elegant designs, professionalism, class and fashionable, effortless beauty.

On top of this, the Rolex ladies’ timepieces are waterproof with chronometer-certified mechanical movements. At Time 4 Diamonds, we are convinced that Rolex has  something that every woman will treasure and adore.

But how much is a ladies Rolex watch? The question on everyone’s lips. They are affected by various factors like age, demand, condition and materials. It should be worth noting that Rolex watches that have diamond or precious gemstones will definitely have a high resale value regardless of whether it is on retail or on the secondary market.

At retail, the cheapest Rolex timepiece is the Oyster Perpetual 26mm with full stainless steel, valued at £3,995. However, today you can get pre-owned ladies’ Rolex timepieces going for £1500 to £2,500, especially for traditional models like Datejust and Oyster Perpetual.

Now enough dawdling. Let’s dive in and get to know some of the best Rolex ladies’ timepieces.


Rolex Lady Oyster Perpetual

In 1954, Rolex unveiled the Lady Oyster Perpetual as their first Rolex ladies’ watch. Although it had similar features as the Oyster Perpetual at the initial stages, it has developed and adapted unique characteristics over time. Today the Ref. 176200 watch has attracted much favoured attention due to its purple dials and patented oyster case that has proven to be waterproof.

If you are planning to buy a Rolex watch, then this should be among your top priority because of its trendy, fashionable nature. The watch has a smooth bezel with a three-piece link Oyster strap and is a marvel to behold.


Rolex Ladies Yacht-Master models 

Rolex Yacht-Master 26mm ref. 169622 - Photo © Carousell.sg

The sports chronograph collection is the only one that has models specifically designed for ladies. The models were first released in 1990, and have 100-meter waterproof Oyster cases. They also have a bidirectional rotating time watch bezels that have now graduated to 60-minutes, and dials with a date window at the company’s signature three o’clock location.

During the first twenty years of the Yacht-Master’s history, the company had released three watches whose sizes were 40mm, 35mm, and 29mm. The last two sizes were marketed towards women. All the timepieces had Oyster straps. The Rolex ladies 29mm and 35mm timepieces were sold in full yellow gold, Rolesium, and two-tone yellow gold. Besides, there were several gem-set dials that could be select from diamonds, rubies that act as indices, and sapphires.

Around 2015, Rolex upgraded the Yacht-Master Collection. First, the company stopped the 29mm and 35mm editions. They were replaced by the Yacht-Master 37 that is ideally for women. Again Rolex stopped the production of the Yacht-Master models that were in yellow gold and the two-tone yellow gold.

Rolex replaced them with Everose gold versions (the company’s proprietary rose gold alloy). The Yacht-Master 37 is now part of the Everose gold that has a black Oysterflex bracelet. You can also get the Rolesium type of the Yacht-Master 37 model that has stainless steel cases combined with solid platinum watch bezels.


Rolex Day-Date


Photo © Time4Diamonds

A personal favourite, the Day-Date is a timeless, elegant watch that was first unveiled in 1956. The watch gained its popularity after being worn by the 36th President of the United States and was from then on nicknamed “the President’s watch”.

In 1977, the Ref. 18038 was released which was an improved version containing Calibre 3055. In the olden days, recalling the day and date was a bit of a nightmare, thus the watch came in handy featuring the quickset date mechanism. Ten years later, the Ref. 18238 was on the streets with an improved calibre of 3155. They also considered making some adjustments to the quickset mechanism date.

The last update was done in the year 2000, where they came up with Ref. 118238. This time round, they did not make any technical improvements on the watch. However, Rolex made some adjustments to the legendary President bracelet. Today, the Day-Date is available in multiple colours like platinum, rose gold and yellow, and also each have different dial variations.


Rolex Lady Datejust


Photo © Time4Diamonds

To say the Datejust's vintage look is appealing to the eyes is an understatement. The beautiful Ref. 69173, worked upon between 1980 and 2003, can be found today with dials of your preferred colour, though many prefer the champagne-coloured version.

Some variations have diamond indices that make them more valuable on the pre-owned market. With this Rolex watch, you can get a dial that has different colour combinations. They can also be made from different materials like stone, azure and jade.


Datejust 36 Jubilee Watch


Photo © Time4Diamonds

This ladies Rolex has a unique combination of stainless steel and yellow gold that conveys an effortless elegance. Besides, its 36mm parades the diamond-accented bezel and indices that brings out the unique feminine touch. The classic romantic watch can be the perfect bridal gift for your friend.


Lady Datejust 36 Oyster Rolex Watch

The Oyster features an ultra-durable, medical-grade steel alloy, and has both brushed and polished versions that can be a perfect match for any dress. Ideal for any occasion, this gorgeous timepiece has a striking deep blue dial that conspicuously reveals the diamond in the face.


Datejust 36 Oyster Watch

The stainless steel Rolex Datejust 36 watch has a pink floral dial that acts as a constant reminder of cherry blossoms, making the watch ideal for summer and spring seasons. This watch will definitely wow you as it has a great feminine touch that can match perfectly with most of your accessories like earrings and necklaces.


Lady Datejust 31 Jubilee Watch

The ideal watch for ladies who embrace their tomboy side. Made with stainless steel, the Jubilee watch has an 18-carat white gold watch bezel with a black dial. If you're still not sure whether it will be worth the purchase, take a look at its luminous silver-toned hands. These stunning features guarantee durability and exemplary performance, and shine a light on how truly captivating this timepiece is.


Rolex ladies’ Daytona models


Photo © Analogshift.com

With the Daytona first unveiled as a gentleman’s watch, it underwent a transformation in 2000 with the release of several white gold iterations. With exceptional dials coupled with matching exotic leather bracelets, they were later nicknamed Daytona “Beach” timepieces. Available in a range of assorted colours including as pink, yellow, and green, the models are now discontinued.

Be that as it may, the Rolex Daytona watches are still universally treasured by women, especially those who love their luxury watches with a sporty side.


Rolex Datejust 31

Released in 1945, the first Datejust design was specifically for men. With several improvements later leading to the production of the mid-size Datejust 31, the collection went on to incorporate women variations with a 26mm case size on traditional watches and 28mm on the newer watches.

Today, the modern collector would love to get larger ladies watches with a case size of 31mm, which falls into the category of the ‘Goldilocks range’. Though the watch may seem too big, it has the perfect size to make a real statement when wearing it on your wrist. This qualifies it to be among the three most popular Rolex watches. The good news about Datejust 31 is that you can get it with many different metal options.



After purchasing your dream watch, it should be worth noting that the timepiece needs proper care and maintenance to enable it to perform optimally. As a new user, you should make the effort to learn how to clean the watch to maintain its natural beauty.

Keep in mind that accumulated dirt will adversely affect some of your watch’s components, and over time it will lead to poor performance. Before cleaning your timepiece, always ensure that the case has been sealed tightly.

At Time 4 Diamonds, we offer decades of experience working with Swiss watches, and our in-house luxury watch experts ensure your Rolex is in the safest of hands as we restore it to pristine condition. Whether a regular service, repair, replacement or the requirement of a new part, we know your priority is getting your watch back to its best as soon as possible. In order to keep your luxury watch at its optimal performance we recommend that you service your watch at regular intervals.

For an honest and reliable servicing on your luxury watch, contact us today.

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