Did you know that Drake owns a Richard Mille worth £55,000? That Justin Bieber has an Audemars Piguet worth £36,000? Jay-Z has a Patek Philippe worth an eye-watering £1.6 million.


With high-net-worth individuals such as these often buying luxurious watches to maintain their status quo, it's easy to forget that they also have the potential to be an incredibly lucrative investment piece.


Confused about which luxury watches to invest in 2021 as an aspiring collector? You're on the right page. Discover the latest and the most popular watches now and invest in your favourite brand today. Let us have a glance at the best luxury watches to invest in 2021 for you and your loved ones:


Rolex Daytona Platinum Ice-Blue Arabic Dial

Average Market Price - £199,995.00


Picture © Time4Diamonds

Ever seen a luxury watch list without mentioning the most titular and recognizable brand - Rolex - in it? Undoubtedly the most famous luxury watch brand of all time, the reputation credits go to their watchmaking skills and finely-tuned craftsmanship. It is a very rare platinum watch with an ice-blue dial and Arabic numerals. It also has a brown ceramic bezel, shimmery sapphire glass, platinum Oyster bracelet, solid case back and it is waterproof up to 100 meters and powered by an automatic movement.


Rolex Day-Date 40 60th Anniversary 18ct White Gold Olive Green Dial -

Average Market Price - £33,995.00


Picture © Time4Diamonds

Looking for the best watches to invest in the UK? Rolex - The name itself is enough to portray the dynamic brand. Providing a 12-month warranty, the luxury watch is made up of an olive green dial, a fluted bezel, self-winding movement, a president bracelet, 70 hours power reserve, and waterproof up to 100 meters/ 330 feet. The olive green dial gives altogether a royal look when worn with business formals or even at lavish parties. Buy this watch today and let your colleagues gaze at you at the business conference!


Longines Vintage Chronograph, Circa 1940-1950s -

Average Market Price - £2,200


Are you willing for pre-owned watches to invest in? Based in Switzerland, Longines watchmaking expertise reflects a strong devotion to tradition, elegance, and performance. The watchmakers worked at home and supplied their products to the trading offices. It is not worth looking at other watched if you are ready to invest in Longines Vintage Chronograph as the best possible investment. Longines has a rapid fanbase and will continue to have as a lot of people desire to prefer Longines over other brands.


Custom Diamond Set Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold Watch -

Average Market Price - £79,995


Picture © Time4Diamonds


Well-known for inventing the very first wristwatch, Patek Philippe & Co. is one of the most luxurious watches brands across the globe. If you are considering Rolex as a status symbol, Patek Philippe is the novelty to those who live a luxurious lifestyle. It is an astounding luxurious and customized watch with studded diamonds on the case and bracelet as well. There is also a custom diamond-paved dial, custom rose gold bezel set with baguette-cut diamonds. So, this is one of the best luxury watches to invest in in the UK.


Omega Speedmaster “First Omega in Space” -

Average Market Price - £3,800


Picture © Omega


Founded in 1903, Omega is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer delivering iconic and incredible watches to clients. Omega watches are preferred by armed forces as well. If you want to enhance your look, buy Omega Speedmaster that is considered the Hidden Champion in the world of watches. Over the last three years, this particular watch model has witnessed a speedy growth of 10% in its sale. It is a great version of the legendary Moonwatch that is available at a much more affordable price to their loyal customers.


Audemars Piguet - Royal Oak Jumbo Reference 15202ST

Average Market Price - £19,990


Picture © Audemars Piguet


Audemars Piguet delivers incredible masterpieces that are embellished in substantial, non-precious metal, and stainless steel casing rather than the old and traditional delicate gold. These features keep Audemars Piguet ahead of all the luxury brands in terms of sustainability. This watch is highly recommendable for aspiring collectors. By far, this is the best Audemars Piguet watch for investment in 2021. Give a futuristic touch to your overall look by wearing this stunning watch.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Custom Diamond Watch -

Average Market Price - £29,995


Audemars Piguet is highly respected around the world because of its production of an underwater version of iconic watches. It is available in rose gold colour with flickering round brilliant diamonds on its case. It is available with 12 months warranty and has an eye-catchy custom diamond-paved dial, custom rose gold bezel set with baguette diamonds, a black rubber strap, and an astonishing rose gold clasp. Buy this extraordinary watch today and impress your loved ones.


Patek Philippe: Steel Nautilus - Reference 5711

Average Market Price -  £79,000


Picture © Time4Diamonds


This is one of the best Patek Philippe watches to invest in in 2021. Such mechanical watches hit the zeitgeist because of ever-growing digitalization in everyday lives and remind of the intricate beauty of true and traditional craftsmanship. However, certain watch models are more sought after than the odd ones. This happens mainly due to the brand reputation and the Swiss brands. Choose this luxurious watch over others and let everyone gaze at your wrist!


Rolex GMT - Reference 1675

Average Market Price - £15,000



The CEOs of a few companies in the UK have similar recommendations for those looking to invest a huge amount in watches. Out of all, their favourite is the Rolex GMT, Reference 1675. Rolex has done fantastically well appreciating in value over the past few decades. Rolex is considered an affordable luxury for most people living a royal lifestyle in the UK. Give a futuristic touch to your overall look by wearing this stunning watch for this is one of the best Rolex watches to invest in.


Rolex Daytona - Reference 16520

Average Market Price - £32,000 


Picture © Monochrome Watches


Undoubtedly the most famous luxury watch brand of all time, the reputation credits go to their watchmaking skills and finely-tuned craftsmanship. The secret behind their higher average resale value is their high-grade materials. It is a testament to their irrefutable wear and tear. This watch is delicate and extremely expensive for aspiring collectors. Some of them are partial to Rolex Submariner, Daytona, and GMT Models. Because all of them are unique and elegant in their own ways. You will never regret your decision whether it is a new, pre-owned, or vintage model, provided it is an original luxurious timepiece.


Rolex Submariner - Reference 16800

Average Market Price - £8,000



Surprisingly, a few Rolex fans go gaga when they see Rolex Submariner. The demand for all the Rolex sports models - Submariner, Daytona, and GMT has increased tremendously in the past few years. Demand is what drives the overall valuations of the brand’s reputation. If you are a sports lover, go to the website and buy this astonishing timepiece today.


Rolex Gilt Dial Submariner - Reference 5513

Average Market Price - £23,000


Picture © Professional Watches



This model has been nicknamed “Bart Simpson” because of its coronet on the dial that gives a fantastic look when worn on the wrist in the public. You will never regret your decision whether it is a new, pre-owned, or vintage model, provided it is an original timepiece.



Time waits for no one. So, why are you waiting to buy your favourite watch? Visit our website today and explore the legendary and iconic models. Much more than fashion flair and impeccable taste, such timepieces can enrich your overall look in crazy times and let you cherish and treasure every moment of your day in style. Don’t waste your time and embark on your opulent watch shopping journey with us today!