If you're a luxury watch enthusiast, then you know that the ultimate satisfaction lies in adding Rolex to your collection. Oozing with opulence and legendary craftsmanship, this Swiss heritage brand represents absolute perfection. And the best part is that it has exquisite collections to offer for both men and women. So, are you in a quest for luxury watches for men? How about luxury watches for women? Whatever it be, we’ve got you covered here at Time 4 Diamonds. We have rounded up below some of our best picks for you.


Top 3 Luxury Watches for Women 

Rolex Submariner – Sporty women deserve a watch that can cater to their active and adventurous lifestyle. And that's what the beautiful Rolex Submariner is for. Launched 60 years ago, this icon has gone through a series of redesign and developments. And the result? A more tasteful and irresistible craftsmanship. As one of our most vouched-for Rolex watches for women, the Submariner is perfect for both everyday wear and rough activities such as diving.




Rolex Oyster Perpetual – Can anything be purer than the Rolex Oyster Perpetual? Apart from its mesmerizing aesthetics, this masterpiece is also the first-ever waterproof wristwatch in the world. Amongst the factors that set it apart from the competition are its accurate and delicate design. Not to mention, this classic also exudes the fusion of simplicity and solidity that showcases what a luxury label is all about. So, you can never go wrong with this one if you are searching for luxury watches for women in London.  




Rolex Pepsi – Only a few can rock this solid, bold, and captivating masterpiece. Representing the classic spirit in its original form, we consider the Rolex Pepsi as one of the most daring luxury watches for women ever created.  When this timepiece was newly crafted, its dual colours represented day and night. It also instantly became a hit due to its rare coloured bezel. However, its outstanding feature is the increased power reserve, which is unlike any other wristwatch.  



Top 3 Luxury Watches for Men 


Rolex Day-Date II President 18K Yellow Gold Watch – Launched in 1956, the Rolex Day-Date was the first-ever timepiece to display both the day and date of the week spelt out in full in windows on the dial. And today, this masterpiece comes available in several variations including the 18ct yellow gold style. As one of the best luxury watches for men in the UK, it is highly precise and perfect for influential gentlemen. Amongst our favourite features of this accessory is its 40mm case adorned with a fluted 18ct gold bezel. Plus, it houses a champagne dial with stunning diamond hour markers.




Rolex Yacht-Master II White Dial 18K Yellow Gold Watch – Stylish gents who have a soft spot for the high seas deserve to sport the Rolex Yacht-Master II. Both a practical and fashionable watch, it was built for yachting tournaments. Also referred to as a regatta chronograph, the Yacht-Master II comes with a mechanical, self-winding movement that offers reliable and accurate timekeeping. So, this is one of your best picks amongst the Rolex watches for sale.




Rolex Submariner Date – Since its debut in 1953, the Rolex Submariner has become a renowned timepiece due to its stunning aesthetics and superb functionality. And today, the latest generation of the Submariner and Submariner timepieces pay tribute to the original model and boast a subtly redesigned Oyster case. Moreover, they feature a unique dial with rotatable Cerachrom bezel and large luminescent hour markers. If you are an adventurous type of gentleman who is fond of exploring the deep, then the Submariner is the perfect timepiece for you. That's because it is water-resistant to 300m.




Whatever your taste, character, and lifestyle, there are Rolex watches for men and women that will suit you. Here at Time 4 Diamonds, we offer a broad spectrum of new and pre-owned luxury watches for men and women. Every masterpiece we have in stock are certified genuine by our team of experts to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind. Moreover, each timepiece is offered at the best market prices and 0% finance to ensure a great buying experience. 



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