The Patek Philippe 5711/1A-001 model has been a staple of the legendary Nautilus range since Gerald Genta’s first designs were manufactured in 1976. For a watch born into a period that saw a crisis in traditional Swiss watchmaking thanks to modern Quartz technology, the 5711 has become a favourite among luxury watch aficionados for its sleek, elegant design and peerless build quality. ‘It doesn’t come much more luxurious than a Patek Philippe 5711’ you might say, but you’d be wrong - just take a look at this…



Patek Philippe 5711 - Custom - Time 4 Diamonds

As many of our readers will know, here at Time 4 Diamonds, we’re experts in customising the most luxurious and exclusive watches, creating unique and often personalised pieces that mark the owner out from their fellow horologists. Not content with the ordinary, we excel at creating the extraordinary and this full diamond-set Patek Philippe 5711 is no exception.

Diamonds are forever

This is a piece so packed full of diamonds, that you almost need to wear sunglasses when you’re wearing it - with 9 carats of round brilliant cut VS1 stones (colours G-H) the brilliance of this watch is truly something to behold. The first thing that will pop out at you is the the bezel, which is perhaps the most distinctive element of the Nautilus design, resembling a nautical porthole with it’s beautiful curves and facets. As you can’t help but notice, this particular Stainless Steel bezel has been diamond-set by our Time 4 Diamonds customisation department, which, thanks to the original Nautilus design, really makes it sparkle in the light - an extra touch of luxury to an already iconic and luxurious watch.

This Patek Philippe 5711 features a 40mm (measured at the diagonal) case, which extends to 43mm horizontally inclusive of its wings. It’s interesting to note that the wings house 4 screws, which screw down the bezel, if you (but please don’t - ask a watchmaker) were to unscrew the case from one side, it would open very similarly to a submarine hatch, perhaps another nod to the nautical theme. Finished in Stainless Steel, our case has been fully-diamond set with round brilliant cut VS1 diamonds by our in-house team.

The dial for this watch has been completely custom designed by our in-house team and features striking white gold hour markers. Like the rest of the piece, the dial has been jaw-droppingly custom set with round brilliant cut VS1 diamonds in colours G-H. It really looks like the white gold hands are floating over a diamond sea.

On the wrist

For a sports watch, this 5711 is beautifully sleek and with a super-slim case approximately 8.5mm thick, it’s surprisingly light on the wrist - you could even forget you’re wearing it most of the time. With a 40 year reputation for excellence behind it, the Patek Philippe 5711 is a watch that you can wear for any occasion from jeans to black tie and everything in between. Our customised model is just as versatile - it’s a real, instantly recognisable statement piece that will have your fellow watch-lovers drooling as soon as you walk in the room.

Patek Philippe 5711 - Custom Diamond Set - Time 4 Diamonds


The bracelet on this Nautilus 5711 model is perhaps one of the most beautiful components of the watch, originally featuring Stainless Steel brushed outer and polished inner links, it has now been set with stunning round brilliant cut VS1 diamonds by our Time 4 Diamonds customisation team. An overlooked detail of this bracelet is how gradual the taper is from the case to the clasp - ultra fine precision and beauty combined. The clasp is a clam shell-type, with ceramic pins that ensure that the action works factory-smooth every time. The bracelet and clasp on the 5711 marks it out from fellow luxury sports watches, like many Rolex models, which are far chunkier and heavier.

If you take a look at the back of the 5711 case, you’ll take note of the sapphire case back, windowing on to the 324 calibre movement. Being able to see this movement in all its glory is one of the most endearing features of the watch and watching 21 carat gold rotor with engraved Patek Philippe logo go round and round is almost hypnotic. The movement itself forms the basis for a number of Patek movements and operates at 8bpm and has a power reserve of around 45 hours.

Where can you get one?

So what’s the best thing about this watch? It’s available in stock today at Time 4 Diamonds for £37,995, so don’t miss the chance to own something stunning, striking and unique. If you want to find out more about this particular watch, or one of our other bespoke pieces, then call us today on 020 3893 2331 or view the collection online at