As many readers will know, here at Time 4 Diamonds we’re immensely passionate about the work we do and the watches we create - this Rolex Milgauss is no exception. Designed and built in house by our team, this completely customised Rolex Milgauss 116400 is a stunning example of beauty and craftsmanship at its finest.



About 4 to 6 weeks ago, one of our more regular clients came to Time 4 Diamonds HQ in London, UK with an idea to customise his Rolex Milgauss 116400. This particular client had spent a great deal of time in one of the Gulf States in recent years and after picking up an appreciation for the arabic-aesthetic, decided he want to customise his watch accordingly. After giving us a brief and colour scheme, we worked together with the client to develop a design that complimented the original watch, whilst incorporating the various customisations. What resulted is one of our favourite creations to datewith a watch that’s as beautiful as it is unique.

The first thing you’ll notice about this customised Milgauss is the bezel. This is an original Rolex steel bezel that’s been fully PVD’d (Physical Vapor Deposition) by our in-house workshop, then custom set with around 2.5 carats of baguette-cut emerald gemstones. As you can see, this is a real showstopper and guaranteed to turn heads as soon as you walk in the room!

As your eyes move away from the bezel, you’ll not be able to miss the striking custom Milgauss dial. Unlike the original white dial, which featured the usual Rolex hour markers in orange, our dial has a luscious black sheen and features green arabic numerals. Another unique feature of this dial is the green arabic motif above the 6 o’clock marker. As you’ll notice in the photos and video below, the dial is beautifully crisp, clean and enticing - the cherry on the cake for an already stunning watch.


The case and bracelet for this watch began life as a simple 40mm Oyster model in 904L stainless steel, but have been PVD’d in the same fashion as the bezel by our in house customisation team. The Oyster case and bracelet have been a staple of Rolex watches since the 1930s, but recent advances with PVD have given the design a new lease of life - this watch is a prime example.

This watch is already on its way to a lucky Time 4 Diamonds client, but the design and craftsmanship demonstrates the work and capability of our customisation department. If you’d like to customise one of your luxury timepieces, however small or large the design, then contact our sales department, either by calling 020 3893 2331, or emailing Alternatively, visit our online store to see the full range of Bespoke watches we have available in stock.