Owning a luxury watch is something that anyone can be proud of. This is especially true if the one you're sporting on your wrist is a Rolex. With a century-long history as a premier opulent timepiece manufacturer, its creations are not only iconic but legendary. Not to mention, they are also precious and valuable.


If you are planning to add something to your collection or buy your first-ever luxury watch, you have a handful of models to select from. However, if you are torn between the Rolex Daytona and Submariner, then it would indeed be difficult to make the final decision. We understand your dilemma, so we're here to help. 


Read on as we unravel everything you need to know about these two exquisite models and which one is perfect for you. 


The great thing about Rolex is that it offers a range of high-performance options depending on the adventure that you intend to pursue. Do you have a passion for car racing and wish you could measure speed when cruising down the road in your sports vehicle? Then you can never go wrong with the Daytona. It is equipped with a tachymetric scale that enables you to gauge your average speed over a certain distance. 




Meanwhile, if you love water-related adventures and are a diving aficionado, then a new or used Rolex Submariner is the way to go. It is also notable for its cutting-edge features for divers. This includes a monoblock Cerachrom bezel that is marked to enable the wearer to accurately track the dive time. So, it's clear--you should go for the Submariner if you are passionate about diving. 



Though both the Daytona and the Submariner are waterproof, the latter comes with advanced features that will only be beneficial for a diver. Hence, when buying a luxury watch, it is crucial to determine your requirements and the watch that can meet them. However, neither of these two models is better than the other. Their real value is found on how you desire to use them. 


Generally, the Submariner has a good reputation for being a super sports watch. Meanwhile, the Daytona is touted as a sophisticated dress watch, which is fantastic in formal settings. 



When it comes to the watch's price, it is influenced by certain factors such as condition and age. However, the Submariner is generally less expensive than the Daytona. Thus, it is considered a nice investment if you are purchasing a Rolex for the first time. The price of a pre-owned Submariner usually starts at approximately £8,000 and can rise to more than £100,000 for a rare vintage or diamond-set model. On the other hand, the starting price for a pre-owned Daytona is £10,000 and goes up to as much as £100,000 depending on the metal as well as the dial and bezel combined.


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