A company renowned for creating classics, Rolex has firmly established itself as the utmost pinnacle of refined elegance and luxury.

When it comes to high standards, they have quite possibly set themselves the highest of any company today. It's for this reason alone that they are regarded as one of the most important brands of our time. It also explains why their products are so sought after, and why you find yourself reading this article today.

But Rolex are not only keen on ensuring that their watches are appealing to the eyes. Among their collection, there are also timepieces specifically designed for unique adventures. For instance, the GMT-Master was designed exclusively for Pan American pilots, as they were interested in a watch that would display different time zones at the same time. Innovations such as these have resulted in Rolex watches being more accurate, water-resistant, comfortable and durable than many counterparts.

On that note, let’s take a look at the best Rolex watches we believe exist today.


Rolex Day-Date II



First launched in 1956, the luxurious Day-Date II wowed many people due to its ability to clearly display the full date and the specific day of the week in windows. Today, you can get the watch in different variations such as the 18k Yellow Gold style. Since the timepiece is associated with the high and mighty, it was nicknamed the President bracelet. The classic wristwatch has a case of 40mm with a fluted gold bezel.

In addition, it has a champagne-coloured dial with diamond indices. The elegant luxurious watch features a 3255 calibre self-winding movement. Today, many influential men consider this gorgeous timepiece their go-to Rolex, due to its high level of refinement and comfort.


Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Platinum


Right from the introduction of this timepiece in 1963, its name and function have been linked to exemplary performance, especially in the world of motor sports. The platinum watch has been designed to specifically meet the needs of professional racing drivers as it is the best timekeeping devices in the market.

Today, drivers depend on its high degree of chronograph reliability and the tachymeter bezel that enables them to measure average speeds of up to 400 kilometres. The speed can also be measured in units per hour. On top of that, the supreme chronograph watch with an ice-blue dial has a stylish platinum case. This must be the ultimate statement watch for drivers, and an absolute joy to wear.


Rolex Explorer II


This chic luxurious watch is made up of a high-quality stainless steel Oyster strap that makes it terrifically durable. Besides this, it is self-winding to provide maximum ease of use, and has a stainless steel case with a clean white dial offering matchless clarity and reliability. Its fixed bezel that has been built from stainless steel has 24-hour markings that act as a clear differentiation between the day-time hours and the night hours.

The Explorer II's shaped indices and luminescent hands come in especially handy at night, making this timepiece worthy of its name. The watch is ideal for swimming due to its waterproof nature but you have to be cautious not to exceed 100 meters; a depth that even the most avid explorer would struggle to reach. Of course to crown it all, the watch looks simply magnificent.   


Rolex GMT-Master II


For the men who love to travel, this should be your ultimate companion. Since its release in 1955, the GMT-Master II has gained popularity over the years because of its iconic blue-red ceramic bezel – thus inspiring its nickname ‘Pepsi.’ The blue colour in the bezel represents the night-time hours, while the red represents daytime hours.

The bezel is also equipped with a white 24-hour scale that enables it to display the time in different time zones. The current generation version is made up of stainless steel with a Jubilee strap that guarantees its durability. For those who are keen on fashion, the black dial blends perfectly with most clothes making this timepiece an everyday wear.


Rolex Explorer 1016



In our opinion, the most beautiful Rolex sports watch ever created. This fine timepiece was specifically designed for – you guessed it – explorers. However, it can be worn as a dress watch to be the pièce de résistance that finishes an esteemed yet understated look.

Designed with Paraflex shock absorbers and sizing up at a subtle 36mm, the vintage classic has a well-polished stainless steel case and a timeless matte-black dial with indices. Its movement is automatic thus making it effortlessly easy to use, and carries a superlative chronometer that is officially certified, assuredly guarantees its high-level performance and accuracy. This highly sought-after watch can be the best gift for your beloved spouse.


Rolex Cellini 50525 Rose Gold


This prestigious self-winding watch is well-known for its exemplary performance. The elegant traditional timepiece has an 18k rose gold case with a sharp black dial. The lines in the dial glow from the centre to the dial’s periphery, setting a striking background.

It also has a subdial that houses a secondary time zone, a dial protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a black alligator leather strap that guarantees its durability.


Rolex Submariner Date


This iconic timepiece was first released in 1953. Alongside its rotatable cerachrom bezel that is highly scratch-resistant and anti-corrosive, the Submariner Date has a dial that is equipped with large luminescent indices that illuminate some light when in the dark.

With this watch, divers will be home and dry thanks to its waterproof ability. The good news about the watch is that it has a superlative chronometer that guarantees accuracy. Besides, the dial has windows that clearly display the date. The watch is made of stainless steel with a 40mm case size.


Rolex Milgauss



This unique Rolex is quite the head-turner. First released in 1956, its wonderfully unique design has made it incredibly marketable and easy to spot from a distance. It is also a scientist's best friend, and not just due to its distinctive, quirky nature.

The Milgauss is a powerhouse. Not only is this mighty Rolex resistant to magnetic fields, but it comes crafted from stainless steel highly resistant to corrosion. It has an automatic movement with a magnetic shield that safeguards its movement, and a black dial with a stark green sapphire crystal that is scratch-resistant and fade-proof. A personal favourite of ours as it quite simply has bags of character.


Rolex Sky-Dweller 2020



This is a real statement watch. Unlike the old generation versions that had an Oyster bracelet, this current generation version has an Oysterflex bracelet that guarantees long-term comfort.

The Oysterflex bracelet has been made from titanium-nickel alloy that preserves the bracelet’s overall rigidity. Having been equipped with a second time zone makes it ideal for upscale travellers, and also possesses an annual calendar with a rotating ring-command bezel. The bezel can be used to set the date, local and reference time. The 42mm Oyster case is made from a strong piece of Everose gold, in addition to a bright black dial with gold hour markers. The classic watch is convenient even at night due to the presence of chromalight that gives a long-lasting blue light.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36


The latest version of this model was released in 2020. Unlike other Rolex watches, this one is incredibly unique due to its several colourful dials such as red, yellow, light blue, pink, and green dial. The different colours offer you a variety of options to choose from, acting as a bright reminder of the old generation watches that had the Stella dials back in the seventies.

The understated 36mm case size is a perfect fit for men with medium-sized wrists. The watch has self-winding mechanical movements with a calibre of 3230, guaranteeing its exemplary performance. You can swim with the watch, thanks to its waterproof ability but – like other members of the Rolex family – must not extend a depth of 100 meters. This elegant watch carries a superlative chronometer certification that gives an assurance of its high level of precision and power reserve. In our eyes, the classic Oyster Perpetual 36 is our top choice when it comes to an amazing anniversary gift.



Rolex watches come in different shapes, sizes and prices that can accommodate almost all classes of people. Today, Oyster Perpetual is the least expensive watch that goes for £5,000. As you buy the prestigious watch, remember that proper care and maintenance are crucial to ensure its durability. Ensure that you clean to maintain its natural and cosmetic beauty, and note that accumulated dirt, wear and tear will lower its performance.

For expert servicing, drop us a line. One of our experts will restore your Rolex to its original glory.

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