The last quarter of the year is usually packed with exciting events such as engagements, graduation parties, wedding ceremonies, family gatherings, end of the year parties and more. Of course, with everything that has happened recently – and the world finally beginning to open up again – 2021 will most certainly end with a bang.

With so much to look forward to, this is the perfect time to grab a gorgeous Rolex to ensure you turn some heads.

At Time 4 Diamonds, we love our diamonds (the clue is in the name). And when we think festive cheer, we just so happen to think the eternal sparkle of a shimmering diamond. That's why each of our festive picks have some degree of diamond decal. Let's take a look at our 8 favourites:

Diamond Rolex Daytona

The timeless Daytona watch can be made from different materials like steel, gold and platinum, alongside different strap options and dial designs such as mother of pearl, meteorite and solidate blue dial.

However, for an extremely luxurious watch, the white gold Daytona with a blue leather bracelet is our personal favourite. The watch has a solidate blue dial that blends well with the blue leather strap, and is fitted with solidate mineral on the dial that makes it irresistible to the eyes.

Depending on the light, the Daytona displays specks of darker or brighter shades in different colours. The blue dial has been equipped with ten diamond indices that add a touch of luxury.

On top of that, the 40mm case size wristwatch has a tachymeter engraved bezel whose main purpose is to measure the average speed. The best thing about this classic watch is that it has a self-winding movement with a calibre of 4130 for improved performance.

Diamond Rolex Submariner

Today, people refer to this elegant timepiece as a Serti dial, with it featuring a stunning diamond and sapphire indices that makes it incredibly appealing to the eyes. The 40mm timepiece is made up of stainless steel that guarantees durability, and two-tone yellow gold that prevents it from fading.

The boldface watch has a small window that displays the date, in addition to the fetching Oyster bracelet equipped with an Oysterlock clasp guaranteeing comfort all day long. To crown it all, the Submariner has a self-winding movement with a calibre of 3135, assuring the highest quality performance on the market today.

Diamond Rolex Day-Date President

This matchless timepiece can be easily spotted from a distance due to its flash of diamonds irresistible to the eyes. The watch has a fluted bezel that makes it shine, and is made of full 18k yellow gold that is corrosion resistant and fade-proof.

With a rich blue dial showing eight diamond hour markers, this precious watch has two baguette diamonds that serve at 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Two small windows display the day of the week at noon and the date at 3 o’clock, and has a curvy President bracelet guaranteeing comfort all day long.

The 36mm case size watch has an automatic movement that makes it easy to use, in addition to  a superlative chronometer offering the utmost accuracy. The iconic Day-Date is – in our eyes – the perfect and quintessential dress watch for men.

Diamond Rolex Oysterquartz Day-Date

Despite its case being 36mm, the Oysterquartz Day-Date is slightly larger due to its angular case. Looking closer at the classic watch, we get to appreciate the exemplary work typical of Rolex as its in-house quartz movement becomes apparent.

The watch has an integrated bracelet which is a signature design for all Oysterquartz watches, and is powered by a calibre of 5055 that gives an assurance of its exemplary performance. The iconic watch is unique because of the customized diamond on the strap, diamond bezel, and dial that makes it instantly recognizable.

Made up of 18k yellow gold that promises durability and an extraordinary sheen, the Oysterquartz Day-Date is quite unlike other Rolex watches. This unique timepiece operates on a quartz movement that does not require winding, though the owner will have to change the battery at some point. The watch has a diamond pave dial with duo windows showing off the day and the date. Our recommendation? Surprise your old man with this luxurious watch as you go home for Christmas.

Diamond Rolex Pearlmaster

For the ladies looking for a unique and luxurious diamond Rolex watch, the amazing features of this iconic timepiece will definitely stop you in your tracks. The classic watch is made from solid 18k white gold that guarantees a long-lasting love affair with this new staple of your wrist.

The 29mm watch has an original diamond bezel that strikes the attention of potential buyers. The prestigious watch has a turquoise dial with original diamond indices. It has a small window that displays the date.

A self-winding timepiece, the Pearlmaster has a certified superlative chronometer that assures its accuracy and excellent performance. This dress watch will blend well with most of your outfits, acting as a finishing piece to your confident, elegant look.

Diamond Rolex Lady-Datejust

This is the perfect watch for ladies with small and medium-sized wrists. The sleek yet sturdy Lady-Datejust has been designed with an 18k yellow gold case which promises durability, fade-resistance and corrosion-resistance.

It has a President bracelet that guarantees comfort all day long, and a stunning black dial with custom diamond indices. The classic watch has an original diamond bezel that gives it a glamorous glow and also possesses a self-winding movement. With a superlative chronometer that assures the owner of its exemplary performance and accuracy, this timeless classic is certainly best suited for glamorous occasions. For the particularly affluent, this will make the perfect gift to a bride on her wedding day.

Diamond Rolex Datejust

The Datejust is a timepiece that needs no introduction. A watch beyond measure with a reputation that precedes it, and rightly so. Made up of a two-tone Jubilee strap equipped with Oysterclasp, this icon is made of 18k rose gold that is so well polished, it resembles a golden mirror.

But it's more than just for show. This feature provides the watch with its well-known long-lasting durability. The prestigious watch has a gold fluted bezel that makes it shine an irresistible shimmer. A striking black dial fitted with ten custom diamond indices compliments the entire piece, which also contains a small window at 3 o’clock that displays the date.

The iconic 36mm timepiece has a superlative chronometer that is an assurance of its high level of accuracy. Its case is well-protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and has a calibre of 3135 assuring its outstanding performance. Ideal for both men and women, the Datejust matches perfectly with any outfit, making – for us personally – one of the best dress watches that money can be.

Diamond Rolex GMT-Master II

An ideal gift or partner in crime for those men who love something sporty, this incredible timepiece comes crafted from the finest stainless steel. With its black dial and luminescent indices, this stylish staple of the Rolex collection offers a convenient yet somehow soothing glow that reveals itself whatever the time.

The GMT-Master II ensures the most comfortable fit with its fliplock buckle that allows easy adjustments. With a black sapphire bezel that has been with a custom diamond that makes it recognizable from a distance. This prestigious, water-resistant 40mm watch has an automatic movement, and a superlative chronometer that guarantees its high level of accuracy and performance.


So you've bought your new Rolex. Now what?

Buying a diamond Rolex watch is like buying a car.

Proper care and maintenance are crucial for it to keep on serving you. Since most Rolex watches have water-proof Oyster cases that remain sealed to prevent moisture and dirt, taking it upon yourself to clean your watch should be a regular priority. Fortunately, getting into the habit of doing so is perhaps the most difficult part, as the cleaning process itself is easy.

Remember that cleaning your diamond Rolex watch ensures that no chemicals or dirt can accumulate which would adversely affect its performance. Ensure that any time you swim with your watch, you rinse it off as soon as you are out of the ocean with fresh water to remove the leftover salt and sand. At Time 4 Diamonds, however, we'd recommend that you keep something as beautiful and masterful as a Rolex away from the unforgiving ocean. She can be a cruel mistress indeed.

When in the process of cleaning, consider removing the bracelet to make things a little easier for yourself. You can also clean your diamond Rolex watch using an ultrasonic cleaner to remove the dirt from the areas that are difficult to reach.

It is essential to replace parts or components with 100% genuine Rolex parts to ensure durability and exemplary performance. Remember, servicing your watch is also a crucial part of ownership. Though it is recommended that you service it after 10 years, it would be best if you do it when the watch is in a good state. For expert servicing, drop us a line. One of our experts will restore your Rolex to its original glory.

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