After publishing our Rolex predictions last year, Watches and Wonders gets underway today. Having said that, Rolex have already released their new watches for this year and there have been some interesting releases ahead of this year. 


After looking at each individual model that has been released, we have picked five models part of this new selection of watches that we believe are the most significant. This is in no particular order and is purely five models we believe are significant for various reasons. 


Starting off this article with a new addition in the GMT-Master II collection with the new GMT Master II, given the reference, 126710GRNR. In our predictions video and article, we predicted a new GMT II would be released, but like many others, we thought the GMT Coke would be re-released, due to our guess that the GMT ‘Pepsi’ was going to be discontinued.


Part of this prediction is correct, however, Rolex have decided to bring out the two colour cerachrom bezel in grey and black ceramic, with the GMT hand coloured green and the text of “GMT-Master II” also in green.


With the grey and black colouring on the ceramic bezel, this has many fans and enthusiasts already labelling this model as a GMT “Bruce Wayne” and “Dark Knight,” an interesting choice in name.


What do you make of this naming? 


Two versions of this watch have been presented with a difference of choice in bracelet. Potential buyers have the possibility of wearing the watch with the Oyster bracelet or the Jubilee bracelet. 


The Oyster and Jubilee bracelet has been made using the trustworthy and robust oystersteel. There is not too much difference between the two types of bracelet other than the aesthetic of the bracelets. 


The Jubilee bracelet looks more elegant but that doesn’t mean the Oyster bracelet isn’t a good choice, as both bracelets are solid options.


Retailing at two different prices depending on the type of bracelet a buyer would choose to purchase with the watch, the Oyster bracelet version is retailed at £9,350, whilst the Jubilee bracelet is retailed at £9,550. I think this is a really nice aesthetic piece, the black and grey ceramic colour combine really well, so for me personally, Rolex have succeeded in this release. 


The new Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 126710GRNR - Images by Rolex©


Are you a fan of this GMT II? 

Have Rolex played it safe?


The second watch that we have identified as a significant piece in Rolex’s new releases, is a new Rolex Daytona, ‘mother of pearl’ dial, reference 126589RBR. Casted in 18ct white gold, this Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona includes some amazing features which makes this watch in our list.


The ‘mother of pearl’ dial has been used to create a strong contrast; the dial is white with black counters which is a complete contrasted combination. 


This colour contrast is reversed on the second variation of the ‘mother of pearl’ dial Daytona, but this model 126589RBR looks better. The intensity of the colours is intended to allow drives to accurately measure their track time laps with precise results. 


Carefully handled and crafted by the brand’s artisans, incorporating eight diamonds and three chromalight hour markers. Rolex have gone even further to remove the tachymeter bezel and replace them with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds. 


This model has the addition of the oysterflex bracelet providing a level of simplicity and comfort for the wearer, mixing with the robustness of the oysterlock safety clasp. 


Despite the simplicity and comfortable oysterflex bracelet, I do believe an oystersteel bracelet would have enhanced the aesthetic of the model. An Oyster bracelet can be seen on the second variation of the ‘mother of pearl’ dial, reference 126579RBR. 


However, this is still, truly a stunning piece, one of the finest models Rolex has released in recent years, with the 126589RBR being priced at £53,850.


Rolex Daytona 126589RBR on Oysterflex strap (left) and on Oyster bracelet (right) - Images by Rolex©


Is this one of the greatest Daytona models?

Have they done too much to the watch?


Halfway through this list, we have the third model which is the Rolex day-Date 36, reference 128395TBR. There have been many releases part of the Day-Date catalogue this year, with various options in dials and types of 18ct gold.

We have gone with this model, 128395TBR as the combination of the beautiful blue-green dial and 18ct everose gold casted watch is admriable. Moreover, the customisations Rolex have incorporated make this watch a stunning piece.


The blue green dial has been created through masterful brushing techniques, creating central grooves that run outwards from the centre of the dial, going towards 3 and 9 o’clock. The dial will have a subtle glow depending on the action and position of the wearer’s wrist, which is done through a sunray finish.


Linking to the customisation of this stunning piece, there are 60 baguette-cut diamonds set into the bezel. Gem-setters have been finely carved so that each gemstone is in precise alignment and the proportions are perfectly symmetrical. 


Additionally, there are 10 beautiful baguette-cut diamonds on the dial, placed at the hour markers of the watch. They are not present at 12 and 3 o’clock because that is where the day and date is shown, respectively.


This features the president bracelet which has an impeccable aesthetic, adding to the overall beauty of this watch. This watch’s retail price is the highest on our five picks list, at £69,950.


Rolex Day-Date 36 ref. 128395TBR - Images by Rolex©


Is this the best Day-Date release this year?


The penultimate choice in this article is a watch part of this list for the wrong reasons. Not all watches were positively received by us here, at time4diamonds. As mentioned in the title of this blog, these are our five picks from the set of new releases for various reasons.


This is about the Rolex Deepsea, reference 136668LB. Before picking out the parts of the watch that can be deemed questionable, it is fair to identify some positives about this watch. 


The blue cerachrom bezel and dial consists of a strong and bold shade of blue that is attractive to consumers. The feature of 18ct yellow gold has been impressively crafted with the combination of two elements in ceramic and RLX titanium, demonstrating the watches strength to deal with the pressure of water.


Unfortunately, that is all the positives of this Rolex Deepsea as everything else about this watch is debatable.


Firstly, the case size being 44mm is understandable, as it aligns with the robustness of the watch, but it is massive on a wearer’s wrist. 


As said, it is understandable why it is a bigger case size as it seems to be the nature of the Deepsea, but crafting the watch in yellow gold is an extremely bold move. If Rolex had created this watch in stainless steel, they could have produced a much better aesthetically pleasing watch. 


In addition to this, the colour of the blue and the 18ct yellow gold doesn’t bode well. Even if you were using the Deepsea for its purpose, it is an opinion that many would go for the option of the reference 136660, which is a much better looking watch. 


Especially where the alternative model is retailing for £12,720. This yellow-gold Deepsea is retailed at £45,700 which is almost quadruple the amount! Even though it is a little too early to be predicting the performance and reception of these new watches, there is very little hope that this watch will be received well in the horological world.  


Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea ref. 136668LB - Images by Rolex©


Have we been too harsh on the Deepsea?


Finally, we are ending on a high and positive note with the perpetual 1908. Similar to the GMT Master II, Rolex have released this model with the option of two different bracelets.


The two different straps of choice are the matt black and matt brown. In this list, we have chose the matt brown alligator strap, as we believe it is classier than the matt black option, however both are extremely solid options. So sticking with the matt brown strap, this is the reference 52506.


This perpetual 1908 features a 39mm case size, shining in platinum. Platinum is a rare and precious metal, with the ability to strike its silver colour, vibrantly. 


Perfectly combining with the class of the matt brown leather strap, making this a really fine and elegant piece. With its reasonable case size and elegant divided bezel, this is one of Rolex’s finest releases, making this watch one of the best dress watches.


The ice blue dial features a guilloche rice-grain motif and its design is distinctive for its three-dimensional repeating geometric pattern. This exclusive dial can only be found on the Day-Date, cosmograph Daytona and, of course, the perpetual 1908. 


It also features Arabic 3, 9 and 12 hour markers as showcased on the other 18ct gold options within this range. As history tells us, blue and brown seems to be a perfect combination for Rolex, enhancing the idea that this watch will be noticed as one of Rolex's finest models.


Rolex 1908 in Platinum with a brown leather strap - Images by Rolex©


Did Rolex nail this model? 


Despite the many releases Rolex have produced for this year, they are our five most significant picks. Have we been fair on these watches? Have we missed any watches that are more significant? Maybe, the new Deepsea is one of your favourites?  

To conclude, we have to thank Rolex for consistently creating these magnificent pieces that keep all watch fans and enthusiasts excited for new releases every year. Whether you feel underwhelmed or thoroughly entertained by these new releases, we are glad to welcome all new watches in the Rolex catalogue.