In the horological world, footballers are known to have some of the most amazing watch collections. With Manchester City seeking their 8th Premier League title and FA Cup, it is a great opportunity to review one of the team’s player’s watch collections. Being widely documented, Erling Haaland’s has an impressive range of watches, therefore in this article, we have selected five models, part of his collection that are the most significant.


Opening this article with the Rolex Daytona “John Mayer,” reference 116508. This model is a highly sought after piece, being considered as the ‘holy grail’ of modern day solid gold Rolex pieces. Featuring a solid 18ct yellow-gold case and bracelet and striking green dial, often referred to as the “Money dial” or the “John Mayer'' dial which is how this watch received its nickname.


Having been discontinued at the Watches and Wonders event last year, this model has been identified as a desirable watch to have in one’s collection. Despite the watch being discontinued for only a year, it has left a legacy with many celebrities seen rocking this model on their wrist, demonstrating the John Mayer Daytona’s status.


Next, there is the Patek Nautilus 5711-1A-010, with the elegant blue dial- another extremely sought-after piece. Arguably, this is one of Patek’s most sought after models. Patek is widely known for their exclusivity and limited release numbers, so it does not appear surprising knowing there was a waiting list for this watch with Patek, which was approximately up to 10 years! 



A stainless steel model, considered to be an “entry level” Patek model, was certainly no easy feat to get a hold of. With resale prices on the grey market fetching up to ‘5x’ the retail price. This model was the perfect epitome of Patek’s famous phrase that “you never really own a Patek.”


Haaland having this watch in his collection is a bold statement, even more so because of its discontinuation in 2021. This is the most impressive piece in his collection in our opinion.


The third watch in Haaland’s collection that we have identified to be significant is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, reference 22615TI, with the salmon dial. 



Similar to Patek, Audemars Piguet are known to release limited volumes of certain models. This watch is a limited edition of 300 pieces, with half reserved for the Japanese market and the remaining half for the rest of the world, showing that it is an exclusive model with a rare dial.


Despite this model not being as striking as other Audemars Piguet limited edition models, like the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar China or the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Platinum, the dial is elegant and subtle, with the colour making an increase in favour in recent times. This is a beautiful watch with an acquired taste, one Haaland should be proud to have in his collection.


The penultimate watch in his collection that makes up his top five is another Rolex Daytona- the ‘Eye of the Tiger model,’ reference 116588TBR.



Released in 2019, this model is truly captivating, with the use of 18ct yellow-gold and 36 invisible set trapeze cut diamonds that have been formed to represent the fur on a tiger. 


A masterful creation in Rolex’s catalogue. This watch retails at around $90,000 but its value in the grey market exceeds $200,000, making this model one of the harder Rolex factory set diamond pieces on the market. 


This is a watch that has been seen on many other famous sportsmen like LeBron James and Conor McGregor, demonstrating that it is a favourable choice in the sporting world.


Finally, the last watch part of Haaland’s magnificent watch collection is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Extra-Thin 50th anniversary model, reference 16202-BA. Featuring a vibrant yellow-gold case and bracelet, with a yellow-gold toned “Petite Tapisserie” dial.



The watch’s full yellow-gold attire makes it difficult to go unnoticed on one’s wrist making this another pure statement when rocking this model. It is an absolute solid watch to be in one’s collections, as it is one of the brand’s most iconic watches.


As mentioned at the start of this article, Erling Haaland’s watch collection has been widely documented, therefore some amazing models are missing out on our top 5. 


If you are aware of Haaland’s collection, have we missed out any watches that should be in this top 5?


As always, thanks for reading!