The Rolex Day-Date has been a stalwart model of Rolex’s non-sports collection since its 1958 release, offering peerless design and functionality in abundance. Unveiled at Baselworld 2016, this exquisite example of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 Platinum Ref. 228206 – 83416 pays homage to its arabic numeral predecessors, whilst offering a fresh, luxurious take on the classic design.



What’s under the glass?

Like other Rolex platinum models (in fact, they’re only fitted to platinum models), this Day-Date has an enticing ‘Ice Blue’ dial, beautifully finished with what Rolex call a ‘sun-ray’ brushing. This radial brushed finish contrasts strikingly with the Arabic hour indices, which are mirror polished white gold, coated in a sumptuously rich dark blue that’s also used for the hands - as dials come, they don’t come much more beautiful than this (trust us - we see a lot). What’s especially interesting about this model, is that it’s a faithful tribute to vintage Arabic Day-Date models, even the font and alignment is the same.

Platinum all the way

This Rolex Day-Date features a traditional 3-piece Oyster case in platinum founded at Rolex’s own foundry, with a screw-down back. Unlike a lot of other, less luxurious and exclusive Day-Date models, this platinum version features a smooth, polished bezel rather than the usual fluted bezel, possibly because it’s more difficult to machine platinum - either way, this bezel makes a statement that’s hard to miss. The keen-eyed among readers will notice that the Twinlock crown on this watch features a small dot below the Rolex logo, this signifies that the crown itself is made from platinum. If you’re a real Rolex geek, or work in the trade, you’ll know that there’s an entire system of markings which denote the waterproofing and material of Rolex crowns, so let us know if you’re interested in knowing more and we might write a blog on it.

What makes it tick?

The movement in this Rolex Day-Date platinum is the in-house Caliber 3255, new as of 2015, with 201 parts, 44 jewels and a huge power reserve of up to 70 hours, Rolex have claimed that it’s twice as precise as any officially certified chronometer.

On the wrist

The bracelet on this Day-Date 40 is iconic - the President bracelet is made from 3-abreast solid platinum links, featuring beautifully polished inner links, and brushed outer links. Each links has ceramic inserts to enhance the durability of the bracelet, whilst making it an absolute pleasure to wear. The bracelet is finished off with a next-gen, concealed Crownclasp, which adds a final touch of functionality to an aesthetically beautiful watch.

Where can you get one?

As collectors and Rolex aficionados will know, these watches have been produced in extremely limited numbersmaking them particularly desirable and prone to increase in value as time progresses. This very model of the 2017 Rolex Day-Date 40 in Platinum (228206 – 83416) is available today from Time 4 Diamonds for the sale price of £55,000Call us on 020 3893 2331 or email to find out more.