As the trademark slogan goes, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you just look after it for the next generation”.  After nearly 170 years in the luxury timepiece industry, Patek Philippe occupy a very special place in the hearts of horologists world-wide, and with good reason. The Patek Philippe brand is a byword for the quality and craftsmanship that these stunning watches embody, and the qualities are nowhere more prominent than in the Nautilus line.


Pateck PhilippeThe genesis

Introduced in 1976, the Gérald Genta-designed Nautilus 3700/1 was originally intended to have an aesthetic akin to ship portholes. Peculiarly, the line suffered relatively poor sales in its first few years, possibly as it was as bold in price as it was in design, costing five times as much as a Rolex Submariner of the same year. Fortunately for Patek Philippe, initial sales weren’t indicative of future success and with the introduction of other models like the “Ladies” 4700 (1980) and “La Classique” 3800 (1981), the Nautilus line quickly became a luxury watch industry staple. Although the Nautilus line had become legendary, there was no chronograph model introduced until 2006, with the launch of the now classic 5980.

The first chronograph

Our superlative example of the Patek Philippe 5980 (pictured) is a 1AR-001 bi-metal model completed in steel and gold. As with the rest of the Nautilus line, our 5980 draws inspiration from the original Gérald Genta design from 1976. Patek Philippe measure the case at 40.5mm (10:00 to 4:00), but some others choose to measure it at 44mm (9:00 to 3:00). Unlike the original Nautilus designs, the 2006-designed 5980 has a convex hinge and crown, to match the curve of the bezel. As the first chronograph model, the 5980 was the first in the line to alter the classic Nautilus silhouette, by adding two buttons above and below the crown. Also unlike the original line, the 5980 debuted the new three-part case, replacing the previous two-part case with the solid, monobloc back. The ingenious decision to combine the minute and hour chronograph registers ensures that the face of the 5980 retains the clarity and elegance that have become synonymous with other Nautilus models.

How do you own one?

As for the trademark slogan – as a Time 4 Diamonds customer you CAN actually own a Patek Phillipe AND look after it for the next generation, whilst jumping the 4 year waiting list. To find out more information about this 5980/1AR-001, other Patek Philippe watches we have in stock or enquire about other luxury timepieces, call us today -  020 3893 2331. Alternatively, visit the Contact Us page for more options.