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Cartier - Santos 100

Cartier - Santos 100


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Cartier - Santos 100 Dial

What makes the Santos 100 unique is its stylish square dial. Not to mention, it is designed to fit wide-ranging wrist sizes due to its aesthetic alignment. This timepiece also exudes the spirit of boldness with a brushed stainless steel body complemented with an elegant black-coloured strap instead of a traditional bracelet. To provide you with a spectrum of selections, it comes in other variants too, including those with 18k gold bezel and brown alligator bands.

Cartier - Santos 100 Case

When it comes to the case, brand-new and used Cartier Santos 100 models initially had a screw-down case, which is an extremely obsolete and streamlined method. However, the exposed-screw look became identical with the watch's overall style, making it a permanent part of the case design. Interestingly, the Santos 100 may look square, but to the wearer, it feels round. And that means it is ultra-comfortable, thanks to the graceful way it curves around the lugs.

Are you captivated by square men’s luxury watches? Then you can never go wrong with a Cartier Santos 100 for sale. Emanating a sophisticated vibe, it is the ultimate collection designed for a true gentleman. Aiming to provide you with a delightful shopping experience, Time 4 Diamonds offers a wide array of Santos 100 models in stock. Our inventory also offers you infinite possibilities with the availability of rare bespoke Cartier Santos 100 watches. Thus, you can sport masterpieces that reflect your personal style and character.

Cartier - Santos 100 Price

The Cartier Santos is a legend in the industry, considering the design and functionalities. It is a timeless legacy not only to history but also in terms of style and elegance.

There are different models of Santos 100, thus the prices vary. The Santos 100 Skeleton watch with Palladium case is worth 52,000 GBP. The roe gold Santos 100 Chronograph is US$15,200. The standard model of Cartier Santos 100 with stainless steel case will cost you US$5,300.

Cartier - Santos 100 Customization

The pleasant thing about the Cartier Santos 100 is that it allows you to customize the straps from metal to exotic leather. Cartier offers a selection of straps in zesty, classic, and bright tones that are interchangeable. But available only for some models. Whether the strap is metal or leather, it is assured that it perfectly fits on the wrist.

Other parts to customize are the bezel, clasp, and the case. You can add an enormous piece of diamond into the winter. Likewise, the original face is customizable including the diamond dial.

Moreover, every item presented here on our platform is authentic and certified to the highest standards. That being said, you will have confidence and peace of mind in your purchase. To ensure your satisfaction, we also offer affordable market prices, 12-year global warranty, and professional Cartier Santos 100 watch repair service by our in-house team of experts.

Here at Time 4 Diamonds, we offer you the best of both worlds. So, explore our extensive collection and buy Cartier Santos 100 today!